Things I Always Carry in my Bag

We all know someone who always seems to carry way too much, like they are on an overnight trip instead of a regular work day. They pretty much carry 1/3 of their house inside their bags and they are the person you turn to when you need a painkiller or a tissue or a tampon. They’re often called “the mom” or “the pharmacy” and we should all have someone like that in our circle because they’re just pretty handy, aren’t they? For me that person is, well… myself. And that’s why I decided to share what I always carry in my bag.

  • Drugs. Not the good kind.

I always keep my prescription pills on me, in case I forget to take them in the morning or if I just happen to need them. Other than those I keep:

  1. Imodium Rapid – In case diarrhea happens. No one wants to go through that at work or a public bathroom.
  2. Omeprazole – Stomach issues.
  3. Paracetamol – In case I have a headache.
  4. Metoclopramide – In case I get nauseous, so I won’t vomit all over everyone and everything.
  • Band-aids.

I might cut myself, bite my nails a bit too much or get blisters because I wore a painful pair of shoes, you just never know.

  • Baby wipes.

Not proud of this one. They’re so great but so wasteful and not environment friendly at all. But I am make a mess pretty often and they’re perfect to clean makeup, food, wipe hands, mouth, laptop, phone, questionable looking tables, and their primary function, wiping your privates after you use the bathroom.

  • Period products.

I’m a pad girl so I carry pads at all times but I also keep tampons on me because 1. everyone else seems to use tampons but carry none, 2. I swim. I used to carry an extra pair of panties because shit (I mean, blood, I don’t shit myself. Yet) happens and you never know.

  • Deodorant.

Self-explanatory, I might need to reapply or freshen up.

  • Travel size perfume.

No need to explain this one either.

  • Makeup bag.

I often put my makeup on in the car so I carry most of my makeup (which is not much at all) in my purse. I’ve been carrying an extra palette too because it has lovely eye shadows and blushes and lip colors.

  • Pocket mirror.

To apply said makeup.

  • Several packs of tissues.

There’s always a runny nose.

  • Phone + headphones + charger.


  • Planner.

I need to write everything down. I’m nothing if I don’t have my planner.

  • Notebook.

If I need to, you know, take notes.

  • Two Pen cases.

Please let me explain. One carries regular stuff: pencils, pens, eraser, pencil sharpener, mechanical pencils, correction tape, highlighters, colored pens, stickers, clips, post-its, and glue. The other carries my pack of 25 stabilo pens.

  • Extra pen.

Just in case.

  • Extra extra pen.

Just in case.

  • Water.

I get thirsty. I think pretty much everyone carries water, right? Except for my students. They come from their break and 10 minutes later they are asking to go drink some water, threatening to die of thirst.

  • Food.

Usually lunch. Always snacks. Cereal bars, crackers, some fruit, sandwiches, whatever I can find and/or fit in there.

  • Wallet.


  • Coin purse.


  • Sunglasses.

Which I mostly forget to wear.

  • Keys.

I like to be able to get inside my house.

  • Face cream.

Which I usually apply in the car/bus because I always seem to live in a hurry.

  • Hand cream.

Very dry hands. All the time.

  • Gum and/or mints.

My mouth gets dry and I also just like to chew on something.

  • A book.

Unless I’m reading something on Kindle.

  • Old receipts/lost coins/lost rings/lost earrings/trash.

Because I’m a cliché.

What about you? Do you carry too much or just the essencials? What do you always carry?

Write a comment or a post telling us what you carry in your bag and link back to me. 

33 thoughts on “Things I Always Carry in my Bag

  1. You carry a lot of things definitely, I used to be like that also. But now I carry only small bags so I keep only necessities, something I really need to have always like tissues, gum, phone, earphones, hand cream, lip gloss, travel size parfume and card holder. xx

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  2. Water depends where going. Buying bottled is another bad environment thing but sometimes necessary. I have just downloaded great app called refill which is meant to show places that will refill your empty bottle for you; but not used app yet. Water can be so heavy to carry.

    Having phone can cut down what need, you can keep notes on so no pens etc needed, can even have shop loyalty cards so cut down what need. My auntie used to carry her address book around because she could not get head round keeping numbers in address book in mobile.


  3. I went out walking yesterday so took debit card, tram pass from usual purse to lighten rucksack of walking stuff. Think purse is upstairs but when went out last night and this morning did not search for it and just took debit card and tram pass – my handbag is so much lighter! My essentials are at least debit card, tram pass, keys, phone like to have hair band, hair brush, canvas bag to avoid using carriers but don’t always remember. The job doing today have 3 cards for diff systems, printers, doors that keep on lanyard so that is often in handbag and def need it when doing this job. Like lip balm. Looking through handbag have two lip balms and a lipstick. As what at the theatre last night have two leaflets about theatre stuff. Some minion stickers which found ages ago and being meaning to pass to Brice and nephew. An inhaler. A broken pearl necklace that carries for about 1 month, a random list of pics want to take for blog posts. Leaflet chiropractor gave me mon. A supermarket receipt, that can go now. A water bill that brought in last week and scanned at work so needs to be taken out at home. Receipt from cinema now gone. Another supermarket receipt now gone.


  4. A wallet, period products, bath and body works travel vanilla spray, not so much for me but sometimes you need a spritz in the air because I am sensitive to odors, a measuring tape haha a flashlight(hand size) extra set of keys to car, and house, a photo wallet, band aids, motrin, anxiety pill(just in case I need it) a small bottle of anointing oil from Israel that my mom gave me, floss, cough drops, hair tie, and I think that’s it. :):)


  5. My latest one is I now carry hairbands! My hairbands always used to break when I didn’t have a spare but not I make sure I’m prepared! I also carry hand gel and lip balm and a portable charger for my phone 🙂


  6. That is a lot of stuff. I don’t think my current everyday bag could fit all that 😂 I have my water bottle, notebook, a few pens and then the essentials like phone, wallet and keys. I will have medicine if I need it that day, like aspirin or something.

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    • Hahahah I make sure to buy big bags or use a little side bag (like a little fabric/reusable shopping bag) for my lunch and snacks and other extra stuff. I carry even more when I have my laptop bag and gym bag with me. But I spend the whole day away from home, don’t have a car to leave my things and I like to be prepared lol

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  7. Hi, Cheila!! Remember me? A little birdie told me you’re still blogging – and wouldn’t you know, I just started a new blog! 😀 I’m looking forward to catching up.
    Also, dang girl, that is one full bag – you are PREPARED! Lol

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  8. I love this post. I constantly road test new bags, to see if they will suit me. I have everything in a bag, in the bag, so nothing is lose. I constantly try to offload stuff that I carry, but I always need it if I leave it behind, so it stays. i’m really happy with my new bag from the charity/thrift shop. It has past the road test and is now my new bag, we hope to be very happy together. It is even a tiny little bit smaller, so that’s an improvement. there’s something comforting about this subject, I can’t put my finger on it?


  9. I carry my drugs, my puffer, panadol, tissues, purse, wallet, pen, makeup mirror, perfume, disability sticker, small bottle of water, train pass along with my physio appointments, letter in wallet showing what drugs I am on and what chronic illness’s I have (just in case) my ambulance card. I might just do this post xx I should check out my bag I am sure I have missed a few things. Oh my phone and charger and my camera when I remember.


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