19 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Day to all of the special ladies out there!!

  1. I love being a woman because God made me this way :):):) I feel that we are blessed to be beautiful, in all shapes and forms. We have a wide range of talents, emotions, and insight that sets us apart from our male counterparts. By that I mean, society says it’s just fine for me to do a range of things that are typically things “men” would do, but not so forgiving the other way around. I wouldn’t change being a woman for anything. I love that I can be strong, and weak, that I can be provider, and homemaker, that I can be a mother, and wife or just me, alone. I guess the reason I love being a woman are endless :):):) Great question Cheila. Happy Woman’s day. I honestly had no idea such a day even existed, until earlier today while checking the air in my tires, a gentleman said he should do that for me in honour of “Women’s day” I didn’t know what he was talking about but I guess it does exist LOL :):)

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  2. Happy international womens day to every lady out there.
    I love being a woman because of the power we have, and the sisterhood! Ladies gotta stick together. ✊

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