Weekend Plans: 23.02.18

Happy Friday fellow bloggers,

Let me tell you I’m very ready for the weekend. Not that I had a bad week or a particularly tiring one, I’m just in need of some sleep and “do nothing” me time.

I was out too much last weekend, which wasn’t that much, I just went for dinner twice, coffee once, a doctor’s appointment and a walk on the beach.

Our house needs some cleaning, desperately. I’m sort of behind on my freelance work project, meaning I’m on deadline but not where I’d like to be by now. My plants need some attention because I’ve been neglecting them for the past few weeks, while it’s rainy and still Winter. The weather is getting better and I need to make them ready for Spring.

Next week is going to be harder because the kids are preparing for their second and lasts tests of the second trimester. There will be so many hours of English, Portuguese and History tutoring. Fifteen kids for two teachers. Fifteen kids that are, more often than not hyperactive, overtired, nervous and anxious and nervous about the exams. Oh, have I mentioned their attention span issues? I’m in for a treat. Not that I mind, actually. I do love the business, endless worksheets, silly questions, dozens of exercises, hugs, jokes, kisses on their favorite teacher ever (yeah right, kid), gum begging, cracker crumbs, cellphone sneaking and laughter attacks. I love them, I have to admit. They are one of my biggest joys and sources of entertainment. However, they’re children. They’re 13, 14 or 15. They’re needy and childish and chatty and impatient. They complain and throw fits and call for me endlessly until I finally direct my full and undivided attention to them. They test me and push my buttons and make me mad. That can be harsh on your body and mind. It makes me tired for sure.

All of this to say it’s going to be a harder week. I don’t mind and I like the faster paced days but I get tired quickly and each day is a little more difficult, which then turns the weekend into a sweet, sweet reward.

Anyways, we’ll talk about next week when we get there, right? It makes more sense.

Tonight I leave work at 8, and we’re meeting friends for dinner, which always makes me so excited. We have come so far. When we were all working and going to college or having those entry level demanding jobs we would go 2 or 3 months without seeing each other and now we have dinner once a week, almost without fail. I love it. I’m feeling like pasta today, I think 🤔

It’s almost the end of February and I’ve done almost nothing of I what I wanted to do this month, so I know I’m not killing it when it comes to goals. I’ve been more active as a blogger and as a follower/reader, which is more than enough for me.

This weekend I really want to:

  • Deep clean/organized the bathroom;
  • Deep clean one of our bedroom walls that is getting moldy (there’s this perfect detergent that cleans any trace of mold or humidity marks without any damage to the surface);
  • Deep clean/purge our kitchen;
  • Laundry, always;
  • Make a dental appointment;
  • Schedule a vet appointment;
  • Force Rui to schedule an eye doctor appointment;
  • Meal plan and prep for next week;
  • Charge my power bank;
  • Work on my freelance project;
  • Clean living room;
  • Clean bedroom;
  • Change bed sheets;
  • Get two gym bags ready in advance;
  • Get my clothes ready for the week;
  • Do a little grocery shopping;
  • Do some gardening;
  • Watch a movie or two;
  • Try making homemade granola/cereal bars;
  • Get my eyebrows done;
  • Write a few letters;
  • Sell a few things online;
  • Get something for my dry ends;

I know it looks like a lot but I’ll have help for the household chores. Rui does a lot and his brother, who is staying with us, is helping too.

Have a good weekend!



17 thoughts on “Weekend Plans: 23.02.18

    • Hey Courtney! I always make huge lists, there’s always so much to get done. I rarely get to the end of it, sometimes I end up doing nothing lol but I like to know what needs to be done. I used to get anxiety about not doing things but I’ve grown out of that, thankfully. It’ll get done eventually. Why should I be mean to myself because of chores? No way. I hope you have a really good weekend, dear. ❤️😘

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  1. I can understand why the students would be quite draining mentally and physically, but you’re obviously great at what you do and it must be so rewarding to know you have a positive impact on their lives. Have a productive, but also restful, weekend Chey! 🙂
    Caz x

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    • Oh yes, they can be little stinkers and make my anxiety go up really fast. There are days when I leave work feeling nervous and tired and hearing this humming on my ears because of all the noise lol but it’s worth it, I love them. I try to be good for them and to them. I think it works, they show and say they like me, they trust me and I believe they learn so I think I’m doing something right 😊 Have a good weekend, dear! I hope you take time to do things you love and to take care of that bitch anxiety! ❤️❤️😘

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    • Oh honey, the list doesn’t mean I will either hahahaha. There’s a slight change it will help because it’s written and organized somewhere. If only I was one of those people who really feel like they need to keep up with a certain standard online… LOL but I have 0 shame and I don’t mind coming here on Monday and saying “guys, I haven’t done anything at all” so there goes the accountability factor. I’ve become shameless with age 😂 but I do like the fact that I don’t hate being my messy self for the whole world. All of this to say, make a list, try to do some things (it does help to have it all in one place) but if you don’t get other things done (or nothing at all), that’s life 😊 I spent so many years being mean to myself about tasks and perfection, no more! ❤️

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      • haha! I love your honesty! I think I have spent too many years being lax with myself and not caring that I did nothing. 😛 Though I actually do love lists for travel. I make little boxes to check for each item and it gives me a thrill when I finish each item on the agenda. Personal life-nah 🙂

        I look forward to Monday to seeing what you did (and did not) get done 🙂 ❤


  2. You’ve done a pretty good job of describing how teaching can be exhausting. Teachers have to be parents, educators, mediators, disciplinarians, psychologists, investigators, lie detectors, entertainers… the list goes on. I’m glad that you’re enjoying it though and getting some good laughs. They are so good at making us laugh.

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