Not a nice week + plans for the weekend

Happy Friday everyone,

I’ve never been happier too see the end of the week. I’ve had the shittiest week and I can’t wait for it to be over (still need to work 4.30 hours). I have some freelance writing work to do over the weekend but I don’t even mind because I can do it at home, alone, quiet and comfortable, wearing pajamas.

Because I had this huge family crisis on Monday, which turned out to be solved by Rui on Tuesday (as I’ve said, that guy could have stopped both world wars), the rest of my days were affected by that bad start. I didn’t go to the pool at all, not even once. I barely ate or ate too much, depending on the meal, I didn’t drink as much water, I didn’t walk, didn’t worry about my step count, taking care of my skin or anything else, for that matter. It was a “barely surviving week” and I’m so done with it. My energy levels were extremely low, my sleep was not good and my body ached all over. I was not patient with the kids at work. I ate a whole chocolate yesterday before dinner.

I should say that not everything is bad and that that huge issue that broke my heart and made me cry for 24 hours straight is now over and done with.

I had dinner with my friends yesterday and it was nice. I was finally brave enough to meet their big dogs (after 3 years) and they’re just huge pups looking for belly rubs. Their paws go up to my shoulders so I got a few stolen kisses while standing up which was pretty funny. They’re not scary at all, I feel so silly.

My pregnant friend is now showing! I’m just so happy. She took most of the clothes I got for her, which makes me happy to help. She’ll be able to wear it for a few months. Pretty great to have a friend who wears a bigger size and likes, flowy, empire waist, tops, tunics and dresses, right? A few leggings and she’s fine.

My brother-in-law is staying with us for a few days and not sleeping on the couch. We’re finally using our tiny guest bedroom. Still sleeping in a foldable guest bed but it’s better than nothing, I guess.

As for the weekend,

I would like to:

(I say I’d like to because I’m feeling very lazy and not expecting much)

  • Clean our bedroom/my office
  • Clean our living room/Rui’s office
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Decide where to store a few things. The house is small, the bedroom, living room and kitchen are big, but it seems like we have nowhere to store random things, even thought we have and outside storage and garage. I also think we have too much stuff. I’ve been getting rid of so much and being pretty strict about it (donating, giving a few things to my mother and trashing a bunch, which includes burning old collage notes), but I think I might need to go for a second round. I know I’m losing weight but why keep a pair of 10€ jeans that I’ll fit in again in about 3 months when I can buy a new pair for 10€ in 3 months and reward myself for losing weight? I am keeping things I might use when I’m pregnant one day. My friend had them now and the idea is for them to get passed around all of us, but that’s just because pregnancy clothes are expensive and only last for so long.
  • I need to clean the bathroom which I feel like I’m always doing.
  • Put away some laundry and do another load or two.
  • Pay for my Kindle Unlimited subscription and go back to reading again. January was not a good reading month.
  • Take care of some receipts.
  • Do some self-care.
  • Watch some of the Oscar nominated movies. So far I’ve watched Get Out, Dunkirk and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. We want to watch The Post and Lady Bird.
  • Cook something.
  • Go grocery shopping.
  • Get ready for the week, I really want to make up for this one.

Do you wanna share your weekend plans?



24 thoughts on “Not a nice week + plans for the weekend

  1. I’m so sorry you’ve had such a tough week, but I’m glad to hear thing seem to have settled. It’s wonderful news about your friend too & I’m sure she’s grateful for the clothes! I don’t really have plans for the weekend unless you count trying to calm my rampant anxiety and look after myself a little better, which seems to be easier said than done right now. Sounds like you have a productive weekend ahead, just make sure to take some time out for yourself too 🙂
    Caz xx

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  2. I like big dogs, they can be a bit overwhelming especially if they’re energetic, but I haven’t ever had a bad experience with them. It is a bit worrying when they stand up though and they’re almost the same height as me haha!!

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  3. I’m with hubby this weekend, so we will be doing a lot of nothing but spending time together :):) we will be eating the pastries I got us on my way here, and there are plans for a dinner out. Other than that, lazy days is all I’ve got for you :):) so good to hear your fear of the dogs is conquered :):) Do what you feel like. What doesn’t get done will be waiting there when you’re ready to do them :):)

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  4. It sounds like everything can only go up from here, Cheila. You’ve gotten through the rough patch and now you can focus on getting back to some positives and doing things that will make you feel happier and give you energy. My skin has been a mess for, like, 2 months and it’s pissing me off so bad. So I want to spend a few hours just doing some self-care. You should do the same darling. Or maybe have a really nice dinner at home and use some candles and music. That always makes me feel happier 🙂

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      • I have no idea and it’s been driving me nuts. Someone suggested that because I’ve been eating vegan that my body is releasing all of toxins, but I don’t know. I did want to do some research on if that’s a thing. I’ve been eating way healthier so it doesn’t seem to make sense. I’m drinking gallons of water (which I should anyway) but mostly to help my skin. I haven’t started any new hormones, so we’ll see.

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          • My dermatologist is really great and I know they could cure me, but they use really strong chemicals that make my face taste like medicine. I’m trying to use more natural products, so I’m avoiding it. Hopefully the vegan Theory pans out but I’ll keep experimenting

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            • You’re right. Honestly, for me, skincare prescribed by my dermatologist was the best thing I’ve ever tried and the answer to all of my skin issues but it’s not like that to everyone. There’s so many natural options out there. Maybe some homemade masks can help. Have you tried any?


              • My dermatologist works miracles too. I did a charcoal mask a few times. I feel like it’s drawing the impurities up to the surface but isn’t actually taking them out so then I just end up with more bumps. So then I exfoliate hoping to remove dead skin so that the impurities can actually come out but then my skin feels irritated. I’m actually going to be looking up some natural vegan remedies today and possibly tomorrow. I’ll see what comes from it. I don’t have severe skin issues, so I refuse to believe there’s no natural remedy that can help. I’ve had recurring issues with small bumps on my forehead my whole life. And usually changing my diet and such helps, that’s why I’m so frustrated that it hasn’t been working so far. I’ll do some research, try some things out, and keep you posted!

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