Sort of Health Update – Anxiety and Depression

Hey everyone,

I have an hour and a half before I need to work so I thought I might drop a few updates in the form of random paragraphs, I guess. I haven’t really talked about my life, which I used to do every single day for many months. Speaking about months, this month my blog turns 1. What? How did that happen? I clearly remember the day I sat down an wrote my very first post, thinking no one would ever read it. How has it been a year already? My blog’s anniversary is on the 24th. What do you think I should do?

  • Blog party?
  • Massive giveaway?
  • Re-post my favorite posts from this first year?

I just have no idea. I’ve done all of those in the past, to celebrate months and followers and all kinds of milestones and happy occasions. For my blog’s first anniversary I’m out of ideas so I could use a little help.


My anxiety and depression have had ups and downs. I’ve been doing well, most of the time and I do feel better. There were some moments when I had to deal with very complicated situations which caused some minor relapses.

Christmas was very hard. As you know, some of my family members are batshit crazy and that can be a problem. I think you may also know that my grandmother has dementia and, on Christmas eve, she didn’t remember who I was for the first time and was acting very confused in general, which left us heartbroken.

I take those things pretty hard and I’ve yet to go back to my “before Christmas” self. What does this mean for me? I’ve been sad, off-balance, nervous, stopped writing, reading and watching movies and shows. I prefer to listen to podcasts, they’re just easier.

Just before Christmas, when I was feeling really well, my doctor decided to increase my medication for some reason, which was a very bad idea. I was suddenly taking twice the dosage of Bupropion (300 mg), some crazy pill that was supposed to stop my hands from shaking (which I didn’t want to take because if I start taking medication to control my side effects from my other medication I’ll be eating pills instead of food pretty soon) but didn’t (I can’t remember the name) and this Topiromate to decrease my appetite.

Pretty soon I was feeling extremely weak, dizzy, nauseous and sleepy all the time, but especially after I took my medication. I was feeling very sick and kept waiting (too long) for it to go away. When it didn’t, I scheduled a doctor’s appointment and she decided some of them were lowering my blood pressure and causing my symptoms. I went back to taking only 150 g of Bupropion and I’m free of the one for the tremors. It took me just a few days to feel so much better.

I have no idea why she decided to increase my medication when I was feeling so well.

I’m trying to get back to where I was before all of this crap. Going to water aerobics classes, swimming, trying to establish a routine, trying not to care about stupid shit (very difficult for me) and such. I think I’m getting back on track and will be feeling like myself soon.

I guess that’s pretty much it, the short version.

How about you?

Any health issues lately? You can share, even if it’s just a nasty cold or a backache.

Talk to you soon, hopefully.

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24 thoughts on “Sort of Health Update – Anxiety and Depression

  1. Anxiety, depression and dementia are no fun. I’m planning posts for during lent about dementia. Do you fancy doing a tie up? You could write about your personal experience of dementia. Or I could write a guest post for you?


  2. I’m praying you get evened out, and the meds quit messing with you. I’m having some issues right now, some days are better than others but it will get better, I have faith in that :):) As far as for your blog anniversary, maybe we should all send you gifts hehehe ;);)


  3. Glad to hear you’re getting back on track to better health! I think you should do all 3 things to celebrate your blog- if that’s not overkill to you haha it would be awesome. I’ve been dealing with severe nausea with my periods for the past few months (which is a new symptom), so I’m going to ask for stronger meds to combat that when I go to my GYN on Monday. Pray that they don’t cost a fortune!


  4. I cam totally relate to this. Am in a much better place than I was a year ago, but it’s because of my anxiety amd depression that I created and threw myself into my blog and found my passion for writing and photography. So instead of looking at it as a massive gremlin in my life, I’ve chosen to look at it as a chance for change and oppurtunity. I’d highly recommend seeing a cognitive therapist if you don’t already, I don’t know where I would be without mine. Hope tomorrow is a sunnier day for you lovely xx

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  5. Chey! I’m sorry things have been going up and down, hopefully you get to a more stable place soon. But wow! One whole year of blogging, that’s still such a big achievement! You could go back and see what your favourite posts over the past year were. Or the most popular ones? Or just write a long rambly post about the highs and lows of blogging for a year? In a few months, it’ll be my blog’s anniversary, and we’ll have been online friends for a year! Time really does fly by 🙂


  6. I’m trying to figure out why your doctor increased your medication when you were feeling better. 🤔 I’m sure glad you didn’t pass out from the low blood pressure. I’m glad you’re on the road to feeling better.
    I’m so sorry about your grandma. Dementia is such a sad thing. My grandmother died three years ago of heart failure. She was 93. She had Alzheimer’s and it was so frustrating to see her lose her short-term memory. I suffer with a host of issues that baffle doctors. I hope some day I’ll feel better too. It’s so brave of you to tell us about your anxiety and depression. I suffered with that when I was a bit younger. I hope it will be a thing of the past for you too in the near future. 😊


    • I wish my mum lived to be 93, she had dementia and died at 68. You are lucky your grandma lived so long, I never knew mine because she died before I was born. You should be grateful dear not depressed


      • Scholachat, I think you misunderstood my comment. I am very grateful that my grandmother lived to be 93. I wasn’t depressed when my grandmother was ill, I had bouts of depression decades earlier, in my teens and early 20’s. I was saddened to see my grandmother lose her mental faculties, regardless of her age. And my mom has an illlness that’s life threatening since her early 60’s, so I worry about her. She’s not that old, but she’s sick.
        And Cheila’s correct. Some people are clinically depressed. They cannot help those depressed feelings.


  7. Hi Cheila. So sorry to hear about your grandma and your over dosage of pills. I hope you feel better soon. 💗
    I think any of those 3 things would be fun for your blog’s first birthday! 😄
    I actually have been having some health issues too, I have BPPV aka Vertigo (dizzinees) and it’s lasted like a 2 weeks already, it’s horrible!


  8. Good for you for noticing and calling out the fact that you prescribed meds was too much. Keep listening to your body!
    I learn that as well as how important family and love are to our health (mental… physical…), and because of that they have such a strong effect us! I just want to encourage you not to give up, an to have grace for yourself too, even when if feels you’ve gond back a few steps.
    Go che out my blog if you’d like anx follow. At


    • I understand you mean well, and I know God is there for me. I have faith. But depression is a clinical problem, more specifically a chemical imbalance in the brain, among other issues. Medication is needed to make sure your brain gets those substances and that it begins producing them again eventually.


  9. God it’s just so exhausting isn’t it … it’s a battle every day. Sounds like you’re a real fighter though and that’s truly great to hear. I suffer too and in terms of health, I have something called Interstitial Cystitis… which is hell! I’ve been up for hours now, drinking fluids, baths etc etc … so boring! I need to get it back under control but it’s a stress thing (we’ve just moved house) Anyhow, lovely to meet you and you’ve got a follow from me! Happy 1st blogiversity! Katie x


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