Blogger Talk – Let’s Share Experiences


  1. Have you ever thought about deleting your blog?
  2. How many people do you follow? How many blogs do you read/comment each day?
  3. Do you have blogger bff’s? Do you guys talk outside of the blogging/WordPress community?

My answers:

1. I’ve been thinking about it lately, that’s actually why I’m asking.

2. I have know idea. I follow a bunch of people but I haven’t been reading or commenting at all for the last several months, which is very strange for someone who used to read everyone every single day and comment on everything.

3. I do. I have 4 blogging bff’s and we talk a lot and have become quite intimate and inseparable last year. I feel they are the best thing that’s happened to me through my blog. I do love my blog, but I would delete it in a heartbeat if I had to just so I could keep them. They’re just some of my favorite people and best friends and I love them. I don’t think they’re less important because we’ve met online or because we’ve never met in person. They’re mine just the same.

How about you? I’d love to read your answers.




26 thoughts on “Blogger Talk – Let’s Share Experiences

  1. 1. You became very popular very fast because of your interaction.
    2. You have branched out to multiple social media platforms.
    3. Life catches up to everyone. Including you, Miss Multitasking SuperWoman.

    So, with all that considered, I say no. You have a following and you should keep it. Even if you leave it for a while and come back, it’s fine. No one will be mad. Do not delete it. When you get the itch, time, and drive to come back to it, we’ll all be waiting. You’re fabulous. Don’t delete your blog.

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  2. No why would you delete!!!! All those hours working on it!!!! Even if never add to it, it is something you have created that you have done really well. I would not delete mine.

    I follow maybe about 10. I’d read book or watch film I do search for that or sometimes search for Sheffield so I do read more blogs than follow.

    Few people have interaction with.


  3. Dear Chey.
    Being your blog reader this tiny wish came in my heart that I want to know you. I wish to read blogs about life’s events of yours. You are Bold, Very Beautiful, Confident. And i wish to read something that does not allow us to blink even once.
    Hope this little wish of mine come true someday.

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  4. I never entertained the idea of deleting my blog. I never know now many people read it regularly besides maybe a handful, but it’s something I enjoy. I gave myself permission to figure out what I want it to be as I write it, or even change it completely if I wanted to. It’s important to cut yourself some slack.

    I don’t know how many bloggers I follow. I’ll read some. If I like it or want to offer encouragement on what they wrote, I’ll like it. I know I should comment on more than I do, but unless I have something specific to say, I won’t comment. If I wanted to say “Nice post”, I’ll just like the post.

    I don’t have a blog BFF. I have a few that I’ve commented back and forth with, but no one that I write to regularly. I’d love to find one, but I find that most people don’t keep up a correspondence for very long. People get busy with their own lives and lose touch; not that I blame then, I’ve done the same thing. I’d love to have a steady blog buddy, and maybe one day it will happen. I find better interaction so far on Twitter, but I have hopes for the blog community. I’ve only kept a regular blog post schedule since September, so perhaps after some more time. I’m glad you have found some that have become good friends. Hold on to them.

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  5. 1. Yes, I have thought about deleting the blog
    2. I have no idea but it is less than 40. Again, I have no idea. I read from the 40 that have posted, and then I visit blogs that have visited me, left comments, likes etc.
    3. I have made friends with people on here but have only talked to 2 of them outside of the blog

    As for your blog, I wouldn’t delete it. If you don’t feel up to, or don’t have the time, what’s the harm in letting it sit? You may find in the future you want to look back for ideas, or read what you wrote about this time in your life. There’s a lot of great stuff here. It would be a shame for it all to be gone. God Bless you my friend 🙂


  6. 1. I’ve never thought about deleting my blog. I have gotten tired of it at times though and just take a few weeks break, but I don’t think I could ever fully delete it.

    2. The official number of blogs I follow is 1393 which I’ve followed over the course of the last 4.5. A lot of them no longer blog, which is why my Reader doesn’t feel that crowded. I try to like every post I read so the blogger knows someone out there appreciates their work.

    3. I’ve become friends with quite a few bloggers outside of WordPress. It’s been a cool experience.

    Great post, enjoyed the questions!

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  7. Hey Chey,

    1. I started blogging years ago and left it for two years, but I’m so glad now that I let it live, albeit a neglected life. If I never came back, I wouldn’t have met you! You were one of the first to encourage me when I started up again.

    2. I don’t know how many I follow, but I have a hard time keeping up with reading posts and I know my recent drastic lack of interaction does affect my own readership, but I have to live in a way that keeps me sane. I want to work at supporting others more though.

    3. As you know 🙂 I’ve met some truly awesome women from blogging and I do speak to them outside of the blog world. It’s such a gift to have met you all and I’m proud that we’ve kept it going.

    If you aren’t creating a business with your blog then don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s a hobby and enthusiasm is allowed to ebb and flow. You never know where life will take you; it’s best to leave doors open. You still get more likes then me even without coming on often, so guess what? People like and support you. Love you, Lyz.


  8. Maybe you just need a break from your blog? :). There is no way I would delete my blog- even if I stopped uploading, I’d just keep it there. I follow around 120 people at the moment. And no, I haven’t got any blogger bff’s, unfortunetly

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  9. 1. I did think about deleting my account back in July but luckily I posted my Rome post and it brought back my love!

    2. I follow a bunch of people, around 100 and interact with the majority whenever they post or comment on my page.

    3. I have a few favourite bloggers (you being one) but I have also developed a good realtionship with KittypOp, Hayleigh and Katie!


  10. I haven’t thought about deleting mine but I wonder if I should give up on making it a career someday sometimes!
    2. I have no idea how many people I follow, I know it’s a lot though!
    I haven’t made any blog friends yet but I did just start in November so who knows!


  11. I don’t think I’ll delete my blog anytime soon. One of my New Years resolution’s is to read all the blogs I follow each day. I don’t talk to anyone outside of social media outlets, but I have a lot of bloggers on Instagram as well (:


  12. Hi Chey, Don’t delete your blog. I don’t read it everyday, but I do enjoy reading it. Blogs give us an insight to ourselves. We see ourselves growing when we look back on them. Keep writing. Take a break…and give yourself permission not to write everyday. And no, I wouldn’t delete my blog. Have an awesome evening….


  13. Don’t delete your blog, my happy pixel!! You have created your audience and friends online! Maybe you can post less or stop for a while but it’s a pity to lose all the work you’ve done here.
    Keep going!! 😉


  14. Hi Cheila!
    1. I’ve never thought about deleting my blog and I don’t think I ever would completely but maybe at some point I’d want to set it to private. You shouldn’t delete yours! You will be so missed and like others above me said; don’t you want to look at all your old posts in the future?! That’s the whole reason I created my blog in the first place.
    2. I follow 107 people at the moment and yours was the first blog I chose to follow actually.
    3. I do have blogger BFFs at least I consider them that. 🙂 I don’t talk to them outside of WP though!
    Always nice to hear from you, babe! Hope everything is well and that you decide to stick around. 💗


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