8 thoughts on “Question of the day #24

  1. I try and workout either a lot or a little bit every day. Sometimes I just jog around the block twice or ride my bike; sometimes I hit the gym or the beach for a really long walk and blast music into my headphones. I’ve been a big fan of weightlifting, and I still think it’s great for women to feel strong and get toned. Lately, though, I’ve been really into cardio. It’s probably because I’ve been doing my walks at the beach which is much nicer than a treadmill at the gym. I try and wear cute things to the gym, mostly long gym pants and a shirt with as little fabric as possible. I hate sweaty clothes on me! I’m also a big fan of color.


  2. Ummm… I don’t, at least not any more / at the moment due to my health (and cracked rib making movement more than a little painful!) I used to just workout at home, wearing regular leggings, nothing special, and a basic top. I’d lift small hand weights, do stretches, dance to some cheesy music! I need to get back in to doing more exercise when I can. At the moment it’s just fairly short walks most days.x


  3. Not recently due to my health. BUT when I do work out, I do pilates on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, then on Tuesday, and Thursday, I do the treadmill. I will alternate my pilates with yoga. It just depends on what I feel like. I wear men’s underarmour shorts, and any old t-shirt. I know, I know, “men’s” but I found that they are more comfortable, give me a lot more air flow, and they don’t bind or bunch all up in the places you don’t want them too like the women’s workout gear does.


  4. I have never been too into running, but last summer I decided it would be fun to do some 5ks and I started training! Even though I’m not very fast yet, I did three 5ks last summer and really enjoyed it! Since my last 5k in September, I haven’t been running much so one of my new year’s goals is to run twice a week. I’ve done it so far – one week in! ๐Ÿ˜€ Last week for running, I wore fleece leggings, shorts, shirt, sweatshirt, scarf, coat, gloves, and hat because it was about 10 degrees F where I live!

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  5. I wish I could say that I work out, but honestly my idea of a workout since I got my new job is running back and forth across the office in helping with technology.

    I keep hoping that I will get back into regular sit ups, push ups and crunches and maybe this will be the year.


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