So… I’m writing this story

Hey everyone,

I’m kind of not sure if I should share this. I have no problem when it comes to sharing my personal life and put it all out there but as for my writing, it just feels so personal, you know?

Anyway, I decided I would be brave and share this story I’m writing on Wattpad with all of you.

Keep in mind that it’s just a draft for now, that’s why the chapters are so short. I’m not a native English speaker so there’s probably a bunch of weird mistakes.

I would love if you would read it and leave comments, ideas, criticism, corrections, etc.

What about you? Do you write? Where can I follow your work?

Look for me on Wattpad: BelindaRoseFordaze

Thank you for reading, my friends.



20 thoughts on “So… I’m writing this story

  1. A Little Bit of Everything says:

    Wattpad is such a great starting point for getting your writing out there. It’s perfect for contructive criticism and advice. I used to use it a lot, I actually wrote a few books myself on it when I was in my teens. You are welcome to check my page out – XxTiCkLe-xX

    Feel confident in what you are doing, you can only improve!

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