Pink For Days Surprise Christmas Basket Giveaway

Last 2 days to enter!!


Pink For Days Christmas Basket



17 thoughts on “Pink For Days Surprise Christmas Basket Giveaway

  1. Ooo… I don’t know really, but there have been times I’ve been away several days or a couple of weeks, just because I’ve had a lot on with my health. Perhaps it was when I had major surgery this year because I went AWOL for a few weeks recovering when my brain was mush! x


  2. I have been blogging for over a year now. I have had at times 2-3 weeks especially when I came home from France this year with the injury to my knee. You would think that sitting around doing nothing apart from pain that one would blog every day. I just couldn’t. My brain was fried. xx


  3. I don’t blog, do I? I do copy Bible verses from the Bible but thats just copying something else. If blogging is writing my own thoughts well is been months. I re-blogged something if that counts as blogging hahaha :):) I pray you are well my friend. It’s always good seeing you 🙂


  4. I started my blog in 2013 and took a two year hiatus at one point. I let other things get in the way because I felt out of ideas. I had a very narrow focus back then. It was silly. Blogging actually helps me to look more closely at my life and find the material I need.

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      • Aww, thanks so much Cheila. I feel the same way babe. I’d love to be showing more support. I hasn’t been easy lately, but I get to work on that. I keep your postcard with the faces propped up on my dresser, fyi. 🙂 Love you darling.


  5. I’ve been blogging for a year and I took a break of about 10 days in the summer. I missed the blog so much though! I’m addicted to blogging I think! Hello Cheila lovely, how are you? Sorry I have not popped over here for a while. Xx


  6. Nearly a month? Perhaps it was closer to two? LOL I don’t remember, I think that happened last year at the beginning of the year. I left because I had terrible anxiety that not even my blog could help me out with so I decided to take a mental break from everything. It helped somewhat. When I was recharged, I was excited to come back!


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