“I’ve been away for 15 days” Update – Health 27.11.2017

Hey there everyone,

Do you still remember me? I know, I haven’t posted in about half a month.

I’ve been both busy and lazy and those are my reasons.

Since we haven’t talked for so long, I decided an update might be interesting, if you’re like me and like to know what people are up to. Or just so you know I’m not dead.

So, I’ll divide this update into categories, which will be published on different days.


  • I’ve been mostly feeling well, when it comes to my mental health. A few things give me anxiety, especially the students, when they are being difficult, but that’s just normal, every day stress.
  • I got the results for my CT scans and had an appointment with an orthopedist and my back are fine! The doctor I consulted before said it was really bad and that I should schedule an appointment with a neurosurgeon. Crazy woman. I don’t have any significant back problems, just bad posture, sitting for long hours and having weak back muscles. I haven’t had any complains since I began going to my water aerobics classes almost every day.
  • I’ve been drinking a very healthy amount of water. I get to 2 l on most days and I can drink even more on others. I think this is actually causing 2 issues: 1) My liquid retention is bad. 2) I can’t seem to hold my pee. Oh yeah, I’m mentioning my urinary issues on the internet. Maybe some of you have been there? I suddenly feel a very strong urge to pee and feel like I’m almost peeing my pants, which does happen some times. I mean, I don’t pee my pants, I just let out a few drops. This is new to me and very strange. I’m 26. Isn’t that too young to be incontinent?
  • My period was 48 days late. No, I’m NOT pregnant. No, I don’t have ANY health issues. It was just on vacation, I guess?
  • I’ve been eating somewhat right and in small amounts. I write down everything I eat using an app and I don’t even get to 2000 calories most days and always get the “You’re not eating enough” notification. Yet, I’ve gained weight. I’m currently at 93.2 kg. Funny thing is I’ve been walking more than ever (aiming for at least 10.000 steps each day) and I’ve been doing water aerobics and swimming almost every day of the week. It is very strange and discouraging. Maybe it gets worse before it gets better?

I’ve been track every single thing health-wise. I use several apps. Do you have a food or exercise journal? Pedometer? Do you track your calories or sleep?

This app, Flo is just perfect for women. You can track your whole cycle, so you know when your period is coming or if you are ovulating (for those trying to get pregnant. There’s also a “pregnancy mode”), your cervical mucus, symptoms of PMS, you’re sexual activity (again, for those trying to get pregnant or if you just want to know what you’ve been up to), your weight, your sleep, your physical activity (through another app), your steps, your calorie intake (again, through another app), your weight and your water intake. There’s also a community, meaning users can actually comment on different articles and topics and share experiences and problems. It’s just a really good app and I recommend it for sure.

Now, tell me about your health:

Is everything okay?

Do you track your health data?

Do you have any good health tips?

Are you good at taking care of yourself?

Do share!!

Thank you so much for reading!

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14 thoughts on ““I’ve been away for 15 days” Update – Health 27.11.2017

  1. I am sure the weight gain is due to your muscles getting stronger. It happens when you start working out. Muscles take up less space in your body, as you compact them into tighter mass it can cause your weight to go up. I am the worst about tracking calories and food. My health is good. My anxiety is leveled out. I don’t really have a healthy regiment but I do pilates, and treadmill. It’s good to see you, and how could anyone forget you ;):)


  2. Chey! I wondered where you’d been hiding! Good news on the back & the water, and with the period that could be anxiety and such as your mental health can really interfere with your body. I don’t use any apps for tracking (I’ve tried them in the past but the notifications and pressure of using them got on my nerves and worsened my anxiety!) I’m trying to get back into good old fashioned pen and paper organisation with a ticklist of meds and vitamins to take. Sending a hug your way.xxxx


  3. Hi Cheila! I was just wondering about where you’ve been. I missed your posts. ❤ I know this is TMI but I'm 22 and sometimes if I need to pee and fart…if I try to let the fart out, I too, let out a few drops. I was worried that I'm too young for this too but my boyfriend just laughs at me.

    Not eating enough could actually be the problem for your weight gain because your body doesn't want to let go what it has because it knows you are not giving it enough. But I am not a doctor…I just heard that somewhere before. It's really good that you're drinking a lot of water! And that you've been doing water aerobics and walking!

    I don't track anything that I eat or any of my exercise and I don't even own a scale but I do track my period! And I use the Flo app, too!!!

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  4. Hello! I feel like I don’t comment on your posts that much now since we talk on other avenues, but I’m here anyway! About the peeing thing, is it an UTI maybe? I had that once and it sucked, I kept wanting to sit everywhere cause I felt like I needed to pee, but I didn’t really, my body was just tricking me. I went and got this weird drink mixture thing from the pharmacy. After a week, my bladder returned to normal. Don’t know if that helps, but wanted to just throw that tidbit out there 😀


  5. Hmm I would suppose the measure on the scales might be due to increase in muscle mass? Which is a good thing. I rather go by inches than by weighing scales. But hey you are into regular exercising now and eating healthy too and that is what matters! xx


  6. Hey I knew you were alive as I follow you on Instagram 🙂 However, I did miss your posts on here. I giggled with your “period” being on holidays…I have had the issue of a bit of a few drops of wee for many many years and not just now that I am older. I also find the more I drink water the more I have to pee. But thats good as its flushing out the toxins. Its possible your muscles are weighing more. I always go on how my clothes fit and not the scales. xx


  7. Hi Cheila, good to know that all is well with you and that you’re trying to continue living a healthier life. May God continue to watch over you. Have a wonderful day and don’t be a stranger. 🙂


  8. I have wanted to start being a little healthier by working out and eating better. It is just super hard being a working mom. I feel like I am always on the go and eat terrible. That sucks you have been unable to lose weight even though you are working out. I would say maybe you can try and switch up your workouts. I know this tricks your body and is supposed to be helpful for weight loss. Maybe try new work outs that target specific areas you want to lose weight or tone up in. I would also say maybe try to eat more often with smaller portions?


  9. Happy to hear from you, Cheila! ❤ Sounds like you’re doing well. 🙂 Awesome job on drinking all that water daily! I’ve been remembering to drink about that much daily, as well, to the point where if I drink less, I quickly begin to feel awful. haha

    As for the rest of my health, I’ve been pretty good. Some emotional stress in the family this past month, but overall, I’ve been happy, exercising more … it’s been good 🙂 ❤


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