Daily Planner and Journal: 26.10.17″ CT Sca(n)red Shitless” Edition

Hey everyone,

So, I didn’t post yesterday at all…

I began writing a post and then I had to stop and forgot all about it. I’ll show it to you, just because it took me a while to write it and I don’t want to waste a few paragraphs.

I am writing this post at 6.30 p.m. I usually write in the morning but today I started work at 2.30 p.m and my morning just flew by. They just do nowadays.

I am in front of the computer by 9.30 a.m or 10 a.m and don’t have to be at work before 4 p.m or 5.pm. It seems like I have a lot of available time for my other work related tasks (job), blogging and other things I need to do, right?

I do, in theory, but my mornings and early afternoons go by so fast. I have this list of things I want to get done and then I’m unable to actually do them all, because when I look at the clock it’s 3 p.m already.

Does this happen to you?

Then, in the afternoon, the time I spend with the kids, between 2 and 5 hours each day, never seems to be enough for all of the materials I want to work with them. We do homework support and test preparation, organizing notes, picking worksheets and exercises. They never seem to finish them, mostly because they talk too much and get distracted all the time but, for me, the classes feel like minutes instead of hours.

Anyway, this is pretty useless talk lol

I just wanted to share this feeling and ask you if you ever feel the same, like you need more hours in your day.

Yesterday I got home to a few online order deliveries, which makes me very happy because I love getting stuff in the mail.

Some things are for customers but I also received a watch and a ring I had bought from Ebay. I’ll take pictures of them and post here tomorrow.

Damn, I’ve just realized I forgot to order a watch to my friend Lyz, as I had promised her! Shoot, I’ve also just remembered I have yet to order the gift for Amanda, as she won the Best Love Story Giveaway. OH MY!! I remembered I haven’t mailed some postcards for my friends. I mean to send them about 2 weeks ago.

Oh my, 3 things I forgot to do in one paragraph. Need to take care of them ASAP.

What have I done today?

Nothing unusual. I have worked a bit on a few things, managed to watch 2/3 of the latest episode of This is Us. I have also worked 5 and a half hours with the kids. Two hours of overtime.

Okay, so you get the idea.

It is now 10.04 a.m and I’m already at work. I don’t have to work until 5 p.m but I come earlier to catch a ride with Rui and spend my day working online either here or at the library. My boss knows I come so early and that I used to stay and the library and she insisted I was welcome to stay in a classroom of my choice, instead of the public library, and she gave me a set of keys. She’s just the best.

I’m leaving work 30 minutes earlier today because I have 2 CT scans and an x-ray scheduled for 7 p.m and I need to get to the hospital on time, so Rui is picking me up at 6.30 p.m. Have you ever had a CT scan? I’m a bit scared because it looks extremely tight and white and loud and claustrophobic. I may have watched way too many episodes of House, which doesn’t help at all because people would often crash while having one of those scans lol

I have to get it done either way so… yeah.

giphy (19)
Oh, my crush…


Things I need to get done today:

  • Get my scans done.
  • Work from 5 to 6.30 p.m.
  • Harass Amazon customer service because they are definitely screwing me over.
  • Talk to a couple of clients.
  • Write everyone’s grades on our grade wall.
  • Organize some papers in our classroom and take a few copies.
  • Write a list of things Rui and I need to do for my party.
  • Confirm who’s coming and get a final guest list.
  • Bake a cake to bring to work tomorrow.
  • Answer comments.

Does it sound like a lot? I hope I can get everything done.

What about you?

What do you have going on today?

A lot on your plate?

See you soon, people.


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10 thoughts on “Daily Planner and Journal: 26.10.17″ CT Sca(n)red Shitless” Edition

  1. Best of luck with your CT scans and x-ray! CAT scans are nothing to be afraid of I promise! (They can be a little bit noisy so hopefully they give you earplugs/headphones through it) but they are done in no time and the doctor keeps tabs on how you are through a speaker so if you are still worried then they can help you and you won’t be trapped. Hope you get as much as you can done on your to do list and take care of yourself! 💗xx

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I’ve had CTs and MRIs (MRIs can be super loud & clunky – yet one time I was so tired I almost fell asleep with my head in there despite the noise!)
    You will be absolutely fine. They’re painless, they will try to make you as comfortable as possible, and if there’s anything you’re not sure about or okay with then you can tell them. All the very best with them lovely! xx


  3. All the best Cheila. A CT Scan does sound intimidating. I have not got one done but it is all knowledge culled through watching TV.
    From the sound of the time you spend with your students, you seem to be enjoying yourself irrespective of the lip they might give you from time to time. If they did not, you would have to worry 😉


  4. The past few weeks there hasn’t been enough hours in the day so things get crossed off todays list and moved to tomorrows list. It will eventually get done lol. I already commented on this but I’m not sure if you’ve seen it yet but I got my prizes and I love them!!! Thank you so much. It was such a sweet, kind generous thing for you to do :):):)


  5. I’ve had so much medical imaging done in the past year that it doesn’t even phase me, but I understand the nervousness that can come with those. I have to get an endoscopy done next month and I’m getting more anxious as the date creeps closer- we’ll get through it all together haha


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