Daily Planner and Journal: 20.10.17 – “Rosa’s clothes size issues, the Spanish itch and eyebrow inquiries” edition

Good afternoon everyone (12.33 p.m)!!

I have been working on some things since 9.45 a.m because they were priorities, and left my favorite task (writing on my little blog) for now.

First of all, I would like to talk about Wish. Do you know the app? They basically sell things you can find on Ebay or other wholesale websites but they make it look cuter and easier and give you rewards and all. I like it and have bought quite a few things from them. Only one item has arrived so far, which is perfectly okay because it was supposed to get here on November, 21st, but arrived yesterday, a month and 2 days earlier than expected. Good enough for me.

The product in question is: a pair of period panties for my lady dog, Rosa. You know that, having a female dog, she has a period every six months, which lasts for a month. I didn’t know that at all when we adopted her and was even more surprised to realize that they actually bleed, just like us. It’s a very liquid, almost water like consistency red fluid, which doesn’t bother me at all, I don’t find it disgusting. I do have a pretty strong stomach for these things so this might actually be too much information for some of you, if you don’t like to know these things.

Anyway, what DOES bother me is the fact that she bleeds all over the house, her bed, the sofa (we try not to let her be on the sofa but she has a mind of her own), which is disgusting and not very hygienic. Against Rui’s opinion that she will not wear it or will take it off, I decided to buy a pair of pink, ruffled panties online. They have a little mesh pocket interior where you can place something like a tissue or toilet paper. I don’t think she would take it them off because they don’t have any buttons or anything like that, just an elastic waist, two elastic leg holes and one tail hole. It would be very hard for her to get rid of it, which is perfect.


Aren’t they the cutest thing??

So, I decided I would buy a medium, because she’s a medium size dog. She weights less than 20 kg. When then arrived yesterday, I immediately realized they would not fit her at all. They would probably not even fit a skinny Chihuahua, to be honest. I’m sure they are about 2 sizes too small, which makes them an extra-small size. Are they saying my dog is fat? Do they want her to have body image issues? How do I tell her that her M panties do not fit her without traumatizing her? I know we women face this on a daily basis, I mean, there are certain stores I cannot buy anything from, because their sizes are all wacky and inaccurate. Does my dog have to endure the same thing?

Now seriously, I have no idea how they come up with clothes sizes this days. I have about 4 different clothes sizes that fit right now. Pants or jeans, for example, usually choose one spot, and only one, to fit well. They are either perfect on my waist, butt or legs. Never on all of these places. Is it my fault that I don’t perfectly fit on a certain size? Should I lose or gain weight on some body parts to be perfect to fit inside their little boxes? I might as well grow in height, because brands only seem to make pants/jeans for tall women, which are probably a minority in my country. Most of us are either small or medium height. Most of us need to either fold or fix our hems.

I know many people have discussed this issue and that I’m definitely late to the party but I had to say something, inspired by Rosa’s panties. The funniest thing is that when you click “size chart” it opens a very good one… for women. Should I measure my dog as if I were measuring myself? Haha. Oh my. You might say “well, it’s your fault because you choose to buy online” but, come on, if you are presenting me with a product, you need to make sure the sizes make sense. So now I’ll ask for a refund and order some new panties for her. I have NOT given up on seeing my baby girl with some doggie pink panties.

I get kind of frustrated when my students ask for help with their Spanish homework and I have to check everything in a grammar book or dictionary. I have this thing with languages, I get this frustration when I don’t know or understand them lol.

So I decided to register on my favorite language learning free websites:



I think it will be fun too.

Girls in this community, I need to know:

Do you fill in your eyebrows?

Every single day?

Do you feel weird when you have them  looking so perfect and thicker?

Does it feel fake to you?

I have only been doing it for a few months and I do like how they look but I sometimes feel weird and my face seems different. I’m very careful with my makeup and I apply just the right amount but I always wonder if people do notice I have done something to my eyebrows.

On the other hand, when I don’t pencil them a bit, I feel like a bald chicken because I have very thin eyebrows.

Tell me your eyebrow experience, fellow ladies.

I didn’t have a to-do list for yesterday so I have nothing to update you on. But I do have a couple of things I need to get done today:

To-do list – 20/10/2017:

  • Write an article that is due today.
  • Make dinner.
  • Buy some fruit and veggies and cotton balls to remove my makeup, I’m out of all of this.
  • Work from 5 p.m to 8 p.m.
  • Continue trying to get some actual support from Amazon customer service as they don’t do any service at all. What a shitty way to deal with clients. They’re absolutely useless, slow and deceiving as they send you from one department to another and say they will contact you and don’t. I’ve been trying to deal with them for weeks and I’m very angry and about to tell them to F off.

That’s it, friends.



7 thoughts on “Daily Planner and Journal: 20.10.17 – “Rosa’s clothes size issues, the Spanish itch and eyebrow inquiries” edition

  1. On the subject of Rosa’s size issue. Just realize that everything on Wish at least three sizes smaller than what our sizes are. I’m not sure why Asian sizes are so different, but they are. I didn’t realize that this extended to dog sizes. This is good to know. Also, please post a recent pic of Rosa. You know I love dogs! Do you plan on breeding her?

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  2. I can’t find clothes that fit me in all the places either. None fit correctly. I think it has to do with the people who design the clothes. They pick perfect shapes, and taylor it to that perfect shape. Of course, perfect shapes are like falling stars, you only see them once and a while. My eyebrows are thick. I don’t fill them in, I trim them hehehe. Those pink puppy panties are so cute. I hope you can get her the right size. You tell her she is perfect, and that those panties are not 😉


  3. Oh wow I never knew that dogs got their period!! My aunt loves the Wish app and yeah you are supposed to order clothes 2 sizes up from what you usually wear, but I didn’t think it would be that way for dogs too lol I say, don’t tell her so she can keep her self-esteem high lol.

    About the eyebrows, mine are thick so I don’t fill them in. They are too dark and scary when I try, lol.

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    • Yes, I’ve read about it since. I guess Chinese sizes are way smaller. Chineses ladies tend to be rather petite. I guess it applies to dogs as well lol Rosa is now using the tiny panties as a chew toy so they are still useful 😂 just for a different purpose

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