10 thoughts on “Question of the day #15

  1. I have two blankets I have had since birth that I still sleep with. yes I know I’m 29 and still sleep with baby blanket. I don’t take on trips and don’t need all the time. I just have when sleeping at home.


  2. I didn’t, but my daughter walked around with my silky robe and her two fingers in her mouth. When she was sleepy she would rub it on her face while sucking her fingers until she fell asleep.


  3. My special stuffed animal was Swiftheart Rabbit, a Care Bear Cousin. It was a gift for my 6th birthday from my godparents. It has been through everything with me. My kids love to hear about his adventures with me.


  4. Yes! Mine was this amazing white blanket. My mom actually made it by sewing two sheets together with batting between them. It was my absolute favorite blanket when I was young and I still have it on my bed today! 🙂


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