9 thoughts on “Question of the day #13

  1. This question has had me thinking ever since I read it, how many ever HOURS ago that was. The question keeps playing like a sound track, and I am most surprised that I can’t think of a single joke, WHAT?? I mean, I can think of a few but none that are funny, you know? There is one, the only one I tell that people ever laugh at anyway. But I don’t know if it is appropriate :):)

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      • Ok you asked for it :):)

        So, the teacher always teaches the kids a new word each day, the definitions, and then she’ll have the children use the words in a sentence. Todays word is definitely. She explains that it means something that is without a doubt, it is always that way. Now she asked the kids to make sentences. Little Johnny is wiggling in his seat, “oh me, me!” The teacher thinks to herself, I can’t call on him. He is always cutting up, he will disrupt the class right off, so she calls on another student. “Sally, can you make a sentence with definitely?”
        Sally, “The sky is definitely blue”
        Teacher, “that’s good Sally, but lets talk about that. What happens at night or when there is a storm
        Sally: “well, the sky will turn grey or black”
        Teacher: “that’s’ right Sally so the sky isn’t definitely blue, all the time”
        Little Johnny is still hand up, fidgeting in his seat, “me, me, me!”
        Teacher: “Billy can you make a sentence with definitely?” because she DID NOT want to call on Johnny.
        Billy: “The grass is definitely green”
        Teacher: “That’s good Billy but what happens in the winter?”
        Billy: ” the grass dies and turns brown”
        Teacher: “that’s right so the grass isn’t definitely green, not all the time.
        Finally the teacher has run out of students, she has to call on Johnny.
        Teacher: “Johnny, can you make a sentence with definitely?”
        Johnny: “Do farts have lumps?
        Teacher: “No.”
        Johnny: “well, then I have definitely pooped my pants”

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