Student Wisdom #3

  1. Student: How old are you? 
  2. Me: 25.
  3. Student: Oh, you look 23.
  4. Me: ….
  1. Student: Are you married?
  2. Me: Technically yes. It works as if I’m married but I didn’t sign any paper. Do you know how it works?
  3. Student: Sure, it’s illegal.
  4. Me: No it’s not illegal. You can have the same rights as a married couple if you have shared the same house, taxes, etc, for over two years.
  5. Student: Hahahaha so you live in sin.
  6. Me: ….
  1. Student one: x is really stupid. He has good grades, he only comes to tutoring because he doesn’t have any space to study at home or a good desk.
  2. Student two: Yeah, with what he pays here he might as well buy a desk.
  1. Student: I’m sitting here next to my favorite teacher.
  2. Me: 😍😍😍😍
  1. Student one: Teacher, did you know me and x were boyfriend and girlfriend for 6 years?
  2. Me: What? You’re 13.
  3. Student one: Yes, from grade 1 to grade 6.
  4. Me: Well, why did you break up?
  5. Student one: It was me. I was stupid. 
  6. Me: Oh, would you like to get back together with x?
  7. Student one: Yes. I’ve told him I like him.
  8. Me: X (seating right in front of her), would you like to get together with Z?
  9. Student 2: No. I mean, I don’t know. She broke up with me. She’s always breaking up with me so she has to be the one to ask.
  10. Me: okay….
  1. Student: Teacher, I’ll buy you a really big present for your birthday!
  1. Teacher: Shut up and do your work. If you just ship up and finish that worksheet I’ll buy you ice cream.
  2. Student: Really?
  3. Teacher: Yes. (Desperate times… but student proceeds to work quietly)
  4. Teacher: Come here for your ice cream money
  5. Student: Shhh, don’t show anyone. They’ll all come and ask you for money.
  1. Teacher: X, if you open your mouth to speak again you’re out of this classroom.
  2. 2. Teacher: X, are you done with your work?
  3. Student: ….
  4. Teacher: Hey, I asked you a question!
  5. Student: You told me I would be out if I open my mouth one more time.
  6. Teacher: You can obviously talk to ME.
  7. Student: Oh, okay. 

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