Daily planner and journal: 18.09.17 (Much needed updates)

Hello my people!!

I miss you all like crazy.

I have been pretty busy now that I’m back to work and on full busy bee mode. It makes me happy but it also means I have to sacrifice some things. Remember when I told you I would stop posting several times a day as soon as I went back to work. Oh yeah, real life going on. I miss posting daily, talking to you guys every day and being up-to-date on your posts. I really want to get organized in order to be able to do that again. There must be some way.

I absolutely love my new job. My colleagues are so nice and welcoming and funny. There’s often cake and we have so much fun talking shit about the kids. Kidding. We have fun talking and spending our breaks together.

The kids like me and say I’m cool which makes me pretty happy lol They say the funniest things and I always have a laugh or two while I’m with them. They can be difficult and I do yell and threaten and take away phones and other devices they use to make whatever noise they fancy. They think I’m cool anyway so we’re good.

The girls tell me things I don’t want to know lol probably because I’m young and they feel like they can talk to me. I try to keep things appropriate but I’m not the type of teacher that keeps the kids at arms length. If they talk to me, it means that they are talking to someone. If they ask me questions, I don’t tell them to shut up, I do my best to answer them. I don’t want them to lose their curiosity and to be afraid of asking questions. That’s my method. That’s how I work. I’m obviously an authority in the classroom, but I’m also someone who tries to be there for them, respect them for who they are and encourage a healthy relationship.

I’m also working a lot for my online clients. I have plenty to do and I’m trying to keep up with deadlines and to get everything done as soon as possible, so I can move on to other tasks.

Things at home are pretty normal. The house was a mess but we were able to tidy it up and clean a bit yesterday. I did some gardening as well, moving some of my plants to biggest pots, cutting dry leaves and branches and generally cleaning and tending to them.

I’m watching the final season of The Tudors by myself and American Horror Story and Outlander with Rui.

I watched Annabelle yesterday and didn’t think it was that bad. I was honestly expecting worse, by what my friends had told me.

I’m reading more, which makes me very happy. I’ve finished After You and I’m now reading The Substitute by Denise Grover Swank, who I honestly don’t know at all. The book was free on Amazon kindle, I like the cover and so I got it. I ended up liking the story line and I’m enjoying reading it. I’m also reading The 3rd book in the Outlander Series – Voyager by Diana Gabaldon.

heart is actually not very happy this days, because I’m not in good terms with someone I love very much. She’s a part of me and I miss her every single day but she has made a decision I can’t possibly live with, so I’m staying away from her and letting her live her life. I can’t stop myself from feeling sad, though. I guess everything will be fine? I don’t know at this point.

I need to go get ready to walk 2 km, catch the bus and go to work. I’ll see you guys later.

Thank you for reading

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12 thoughts on “Daily planner and journal: 18.09.17 (Much needed updates)

    • Thank you, Margaret. So happy. Yesterday this girl said “I’m going to sit here, next to my favorite teacher” I almost cried because she was so rude and disrespectful on the first day and then I talked to her and listened, she told me how much she likes Japanese cartoons and I told her I had a blog and we bonded 😊 The Tudors is a great show. I’m on season 3, when Henry marries that German lady he doesn’t like and is unable to consummate their marriage 😂

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      • awww that is such a happy story, not that she almost made you cry, of course, but that she almost did, and then she ended up bonding with you AND making you feel so happy by saying you were her favourite teacher 🙂 Put a huge smile on my face, thank you Cheila :):) LOL at Henry, did he really ever like any of them once he got them? hahaha.


  1. Happy you’re enjoying the job. Sorry to hear about this person you’re not on good terms with. Sometimes it is in both parties’ interests to just move on from one another. If both parties can patch things up that is good too.

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    • Thank you, David! It’s a very difficult situation. We’ve been friends for almost a decade, I don’t want to let her go. But right now, I just can’t be with her because she’s not herself. She’s doing things I can’t even tolerate. Yet, I don’t want to let her go. I want her to realize what she’s doing and just stop. But she’s an adult so. Friendships are hard.


    • Thank you so much. I’m so glad I found this job. It’s everything I could ask for. Yes, I went from posting 3/4 times a day (crazy, I know) to not even every day. I know it’s too much but I would still like to post 4: my question of the day, my “student wisdom” post, because my students say the funniest thing every day and my to-do list in the morning and update in the even, like I used to. 😊

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