20 thoughts on “Question of the day #9

  1. I can’t remember the last time I properly fell (probably tried to block it out through embarrassment 😂) but I’m always tripping up and nearly falling over people who walk in front of me 🙈 I can’t seem to measure the distance between me and them and end up kicking their shoes 😂

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  2. Beginning of June at horse races. I had sprained ankle (when it toppled over in my own house before Easter). I was wearing wedge shoes for first time after sprained ankle. I was walking across grass and ankle have way again. I fell to floor. No one seemed to notice do got self up. But so many people, someone must have seen and thought drunk. I’m sure it was dodgy ankle, nothing to do with pimms.

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  3. I think it might have been when we were at a store called Trader Joe’s recently, and that store has a lot of fancy people that shop at it, so that’s never fun, lol. I tend to trip over my own shoes when I’m on hard surfaces, because the rubber fronts catch on the floor and mess me up haha


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