21 thoughts on “Question of the day #8

  1. The funniest thing was when I was at Target in the line to return something a few months ago. There was a cute little family and the little girl mentioned her baby brother and I said he was really cute and that I loved babies. She then asked me why I didn’t have a baby.

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  2. One that I can remember right now is one morning I was walking my kid to school so her pants is giving her a wedgie. She tries to fix her clothes so i say, “you can’t do that in the street, wait till we get to school.”
    Her response, “we’re not in the street, we’re on the sidewalk.”🙈

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  3. As a teacher I hear lots…..
    my favourite was from a little girl called Alice. She came to school on her very first day aged 4 with her new uniform, shiny shoes and sparkly eyes. She strides into the classroom, looked around, looked at me and said,
    “Where’s your bed then?”
    She thought I lived in my classroom bless her!
    I relied, ” I don’t live here poppet!”
    ” I’m not a puppet silly!!” She shouted.
    I loved Alice. 🤣😍❤️


  4. Tough one! I’m going to go with what Baby Girl said to me two days ago. She was sitting on her bed looking for a little action figure. She started inspecting her bottom area and said maybe she sat on it. I told her she didn’t because it wasn’t there and she said, “Well, maybe my farts sucked it up.” Oh lord!

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  5. My very favorite one happened at the reception after my father-in-law died. Everyone was very somber but my three nieces and my nephew were growing antsy, so they were encouraged to go to another area of the house to play. One of my nieces looked up at me and said “Auntie Linda, come with us, you’re the closest thing to a kid we’ve got!” One of the best compliments EVER!

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  6. I was playing flash cards with my nephew (then 3 years old) when he sees a card with the dragon fruit and goes, “Let’s not do that one auntie, because you will then turn into a dragon”!


  7. Is it bad that I can’t think of anything specific at the moment?? haha I’ve heard so many crazy statements over the years between my two brothers that they’re all blending together!


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