17 thoughts on “Question of the day #6

  1. Recently I had a day in a hell at the mall. My two year old tripped me and I took a hard fall. Obviously it’s a mall with a lot of people around just gaping. Then she ran away when I had things ringing up so I had to apologize to the cashier and line behind me to go get her. Then she was banging on changing room doors. I haven’t felt so embarassed and exposed in a while. I’m usually a quiet, invisible person in public.

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  2. During my prom, towards the end, I was talking to my crush, I’ve been crushing on her for a year, so I was talking to her and the conversation was so positive, no friend zoning from her, so at a point we stopped talking and starred at each other, of course you know what’s next, so I leaned forward to kiss her and ……she stood up😑…and this was caught on camera… I honestly stood up, walked to her, showed her my middle finger and walked out….it was painful!

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  3. Me in the middle of a field after camping many years ago. Desperate for wee. Portaloo. Go in…two seconds later I hear this loud rumble… I feel the ground begin to move… They’ve started towing it away while I’m inside!! I jumped out and ran for it, never looking back…

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  4. the first time a guy told me he liked me. I freaked and ran like hell. because for the first time I was speechless.

    unfortunately it was before all of his friends so it was embarrassing for HIM.


    • What made me freak out was the fact that he was like my best friend and we did a lot of crazy feats together… basically the least person I expected plus he was part of the cool crowd too.


  5. For me, the most embarrassing moment was when I almost missed my school bus in high school, I started to run for the bus as it was turning the corner I tripped and fell very hard. The bus driver and few students on the bus saw it all happen. I also took a tumble down the school bus steps before which was equally embarrassing lol. Clumsiness for ya😂

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  6. When my eldest was a baby, I got her out of the car seat and plonked her on my hips to go into the shops. I was wearing a wrap around skirt. I carried her on my hips a lot and imagine a frog sitting on my hips lol…she wriggled and squirmed and next minute my lovely skirt was on the ground. Lucky that day I had nickers on lol…picked up the skirt and ran back to the car. I didn’t go back to those shops for years.


  7. During a corporate awards event at work, I decided to sing but my voice went off pitch and I couldn’t keep up with the bg music. I however stayed onstage until I finished the song. I think I went on “sick leave” for a couple of days after 😀


  8. When I was maybe five or six, my mom was trying on shirts at an outlet store in the dressing room. I decided to wait outside the stalls while she did so, but then she told me I could crawl underneath the door since she was done, and she wanted to show me how the shirt looked, or something. I was small enough to crawl under there, so I stooped down and crawled into the room I thought she was in … to find another woman (NOT my mom) in just a bra. I WAS MORTIFIED. And now, it’s the first embarrassing moment that comes to mind any time questions like this post come up, hahaha! I don’t think I’ve quite forgiven myself for this mortification yet lol


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