Daily Planner and Journal: August 31,2017 (“When you just forget to blog” – edition)

Hey guys,

I’ve been meaning to write since about 9 a.m. I totally forgot and then I remembered at about 1 p.m. Then I started something else and I forgot again. My brain usually works part-time but today it is clearly having a day off.

I’m wearing polar pajamas. It’s 21ºC or 70ºF (so my American friends don’t have to go and check because that’s usually what happens to me: “OMG the it was in the 90’s. So hot!!” – “wut?”) which is not really cold enough for such fluffy garments but I’m just so cold. I’m always cold, let me tell you that, but today I feel particularly chilly. I’ve taken my sweater of and put it back on about 12 times. Not even exaggerating.

So let’s talk about today. It’s almost 7 p.m here and I’ve been working away all day long, pretty much. I had an article to write, some emails to send, some people to talk to and many other tasks that I should be either doing or starting.

I need to go and make dinner, but then I might forget the blog again.

I’m happy because I’ve just received my first ever product to try out and review. I’ve seen this around but have never paid attention to the reviews and now I certainly won’t because I want to try it and provide and honest unbiased and uninfluenced (is that a word?) review. I love getting things in the mail. If you want to send me empty parcels go ahead, I’ll be happy just by opening them. Rosa HATES the mailman. What’s the thing with dogs and mail men? I thought it was a movie cliché but she always looks like she would seriously eat the poor man, which is weird because I honestly, 90% believe that if I opened the gate she would just lick him to death and offer her tummy. She’s only badass in her own territory, behind a gate. Unless you take her to a vet. Bitch can be dangerous to a vet. Or to poor loving owners who love her and try to clean her ears.

My mouth sore is still here and not looking good. I think my throat is burning because of it so I’m afraid it might be infected. As usually, with everything that doesn’t represent immediate life threat, I was waiting it out, hoping it would go away. Rui kept ironically saying “Yeah, don’t go to the dentist”. To be honest I don’t even know where I go because of my tongue. Doctor? Dentist? Is there a tongue doctor? I swear I didn’t put anything (too) suspicious in my mouth. There’s usually the odd yogurt, questionably old bread, the month-old-expiration-date food that I still eat but, other than that, nothing too shocking.

Now, let’s forget my tongue issues.

I had a long-ass list of tasks for today and I’m sure I’ve accomplished less than 50%. Why? Well, it took me about an hour to find a dentist (almost 40 km away) that will take my insurance. Oh yes, I looked through all of them in an about 40 km radius and couldn’t find a single one. I mean, there were plenty of clinics, I must have checked close to 50, maybe more, but none of them would take it. So I’ve found one and messaged them to schedule an appointment but they have yet to get back to me. Rui looked at me like I was dumb and said “Why didn’t you just call?” and my answer was “because there was an online form, I like that”. Maybe I’ll have to call after all to schedule for as soon as they can take me, before my tongue falls off. Should I asked them if they attend to tongues or just go in and hope for the best?

Quoting from yesterday:

I think I’ll manage, at least, to do some laundry because I can be doing something else while it washes and just have to take 10 minutes to hang it outside. Yes, that did happen.

I need to make a few calls and find a dentist (I haven’t been to one since we moved here so I don’t have one) that takes my insurance because I have a broken molar that is scratching my tongue, which obviously hurts. Well, I didn’t call because there was a cute form to schedule online.

I have a work meeting tomorrow (job number 1, 8th and 9th grade tutor) and they have yet to confirm the timing, so I might have to call for that as well. Postponed for Monday.

Actual task list:

  • Finish task 1 for client 1: I’m confident I can do it today. Tomorrow is the last day to finish it, but I’m already at 75% so I think I can manage the remaining 25% by this afternoon; Send a report afterwords; – I did finish but decided to add a little more options than what was required, just a little extra.
  • Do task 2 for client 1: It’s actually a 500-word article and I have today and tomorrow to do it, but I think I can finish it by this evening. I would prefer to send it early too; I didn’t. I finished it about an hour ago, not early but still on deadline.
  • Keep doing task 1 for client 2: I’ve managed to reach 14 of the 20 goals, just 6 to go and no deadline; Still working on it. Some things took a little longer than expected (dentist research included) so I didn’t get that far. I’ve been working on it today so I might be done by tomorrow?
  • Begin task 2 for client 2: Some research and no deadline; Didn’t touch it.
  • Get a first draft of a project for client 3; – Nope. There’s no deadline but I self-imposed Sunday as my deadline to finish a first draft.
  • Small task for client 5; Done. He sent more last-minute work this morning and I finished it this afternoon.
  • Begin project for client 6. Deadline is from today to September 3; I had slightly began yesterday but got into it seriously today.
  • I didn’t go from client 3 to client 5 (look above), I just had not expected to start anything but actually did some research today.

You guys have no idea why I do or what I mean by all of this, do you? It sounds boring, I know. Looking at it, I’ve actually done more than I though.

I still have to go and unload/load the dishwasher and do a few things around the house.

So, I was writing this post when Rui got home and I mentioned my tongue. He said I was being stupid not to go to the dentist and so I called and they had an opening. Turns out my tongue sore is infected and I have to take an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory. Stupid girl. In the meantime, I’ve discovered I have a few cavities. My teeth have been shitty since childhood. I think I was about eight or nine when I first had to fill up a cavity. Then about ten on the other side. My teeth just get cavities and break easier than most people.

Funny thing, when it was time to pay, our insurance had fucked up and it was not showing the proper coverage, so we had to pay the regular price (which is barely 30€, not even that expensive) and now we have to email them, have them take care of that, wait for them to take care of the situation, go back to the office and ask for a refund… It’s a pain in the ass just because someone didn’t do their job well. It’s so common in our country. Maybe it is like this all over the world? I cannot tell you how many times in a day I’ve had to run to 4 different offices in my university building for them to tell me that I should go back to the other one and to get there and be sent back.

There’s a bright side to it, though. I learned to look for information and to take care of issues myself the moment I got into college. Literally. When I went there at 19 to take care of my enrollment no one would tell me anything. There was a bunch of lines and steps to go through and no one would explain anything or where to go first, who to ask. It didn’t get better with time. Every time I needed some information the office ladies would never know. Either that or they would be rude and just send you on your way. That’s the story of how I became one with my college website and learned to always be prepared. If I needed to change classes I would get there with the form already filled, knowing how much I would have to pay, the dates… the whole thing.

And I digress. How did I get from my tongue to my university website? Shit.

And with such useless ramble I’ve written 1500 words. Nobody is going to read this far. They will either give up or be dead by boredom by this point.

I shall go. My bed is calling me.

Desenho sem título (4)

P.S. This post is so big I barely had enough patience to review it. So, Jainey, if you find a spelling mistake or a stupid sentence tell mommy.


4 thoughts on “Daily Planner and Journal: August 31,2017 (“When you just forget to blog” – edition)

  1. Well I’m glad you finally went to the dentist. And I’m sure so are your tongue and teeth! I like reading your online to-do list. I’m making up cartoons in my head of you doing tasks for sentient numbers. It amuses me at least. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yikes, I hope your tongue feels better! I feel your pain on insurance — still dealing with our dentist and old insurance over something that should’ve been handled a year ago. Why must things be so complicated?!


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