Hello everyone,

If you kind of remember my schedule for June, today I am supposed to share my morning and night routines with you. I thought I might leave that and do a video, but it was possible, so we’re sticking to the plan.

Before I start, I need to remind you that I have good days and bed days and, for that reason, on bad days, I might not care to follow my normal steps or to have a routine at all. This is what I do when I’m doing well.

My morning routine:

I must tell you that, do to my annoying health issues and my powerful medication, I don’t always wake up early. I love it when I do, but there are many times when I sleep until close to lunch time or even after that. I’m currently trying and making an effort to always wake up early, because I feel better when I do so (if I have slept enough).


  • After waking up, the first thing that I do is check my phone. I check social media, WordPress, my three email accounts, Whatsapp, Skype, text messages, the whole thing. I don’t answer to anything yet.
  • I get up and change from what I sleep in (sometimes only panties so there isn’t much changing to do) and into whatever I’m wearing at home. Currently, because it’s hot I wear either shorts, my blue romper and light cotton dresses. When it’s not so hot, I wear leggings or yoga pants with a loose t-shirt. I always wear flip-flops at home, changing into sneakers if I’m doing some gardening.
  • I get up, and open one of my bedroom windows, so there’s light (especially for my succulents) and fresh air. The other window is open but with close shutters all day and all night long. I rarely open them.
  • I go the kitchen and open the door, in case Rosa needs to go do her business. I take my mailbox key and see if there’s mail.
  • If it’s too hot, I look at me plants to check if they need a little refreshment, which is basic spraying their leaves with water so they can be healthy and happy until I water them in the evening.
  • I go back into the house and go to the bathroom. I brush my teeth, put my hair in a ponytail or messy bun, wash, tone and moisturize my face.
  • I go back into the kitchen to grab some cold water, as I need to drink water before I eat anything. Sometimes I drink a whole 500 ml bottle before I even touch food.
  • I then make breakfast or brunch, hot or cold and take it with me to the office, along with some coffee and my water. I turn on the computer and answer emails and general notifications while I eat breakfast. After breakfast, I take my pills and multivitamin.
  • I then write my health for days journey post, along with my to-do list and start taking care of whatever I have to do on that particular day…..


My night routine:

Once again, I remind you that things don’t always go as smoothly as I would like. Sometimes I don’t even have the patience and energy to take a shower and brush my teeth, let alone moisturize or do my yoga. I also have a very bad nightly habit of needing a comfort sweet snack or a comfort drink, usually decaf with milk, a cappuccino or frappuccino, chocolate milk, tea, whatever I have on hand. But this is how it looks like on a really good day.


  • My nightly routine starts when I’m prepping dinner, usually between seven and nine. I get dinner done and then we eat, while watching TV.
  • After dinner, usually, both of us take care of the kitchen, filling Betty up (the dishwasher. Yes, she does have a name. My washing machine is Martha) and cleaning around a bit.
  • I then answer some comments or read some blogs, while Rui is next to me doing his thing. Sometimes we watch a movie or series together and I don’t touch the computer.
  • I do my yoga, while he makes fun of me (I’ve been slacking with it lately).
  • Then I have a shower (taking care of any shaving or exfoliating) and put on a face mask.
  • After showering, I brush my teeth, tone and moisturize my face and apply moisturizer on my body.
  • I then beg Rui for a back massage because I normally have some sort of back pain. If he’s grumpy I get nothing. If he’s in a good mood I get a wonderful massage which really helps.
  • I then towel dry my hair and brush it, leaving it alone or doing a braid.
  • I get back to the kitchen and take my medicine.
  • I change into whatever I’m wearing to bed and go to bed to read until I feel sleepy. It takes hours sometimes. I either read a book or browse Reddit. Oh yes, I love askreddit.
  • When I feel tired enough, I turn the light off and go to sleep.

That’s about it.

Do have have a morning and night routine?

Do you have an issue with nightime snacking?

Thank you for reading.