Hey, hey – Q&A (Part II)

  1. Favorite day of the week?

    Friday afternoon. The beginning of the weekend, endless possibilities. Knowing you’re going to have two whole days just for yourself. Love the feeling.

  2. What is your favorite quote and why?

    “Be the change you want to see in the world” because I believe that every single one of us matter, when it comes to doing our part to make the world a better place for everyone. We should lead by example and contribute as much as we can. I also love the adapted “Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up” as a substitute for “Good things come for those who wait”. I firmly believe in hard work and in doing your best to achieve your dreams. I think people can do anything they put their minds to, if they work really hard and never give up. I believe in people, but they have to believe in themselves and really do the work, the effort, the sacrifice. You can only say you’ve tried if you’ve done every possible thing, tested every possibility and used every drop of your strength.

  3. If tomorrow you woke up rich, what would be the first thing you do or buy?

    To be completely honest, the first things would be selfish things. I would start preparing to get into medical school, as I would finally have no money worries and could pursue that dream. I would start thinking about getting pregnant, because it’s another of my dreams that I cannot yet reach because of money and other issues. I would make sure I had an amazing house and that my money was well taken care of. Then I would make sure my family and friend’s and Rui’s family and friends would never have to worry about money again. I would travel and schedule a few trips. Finally, I would set up a charity, with different departments, to help different causes. I would want to support teenage moms, single moms and dads, orphans, animals, people who suffer from abuse, and people who want a chance in life but don’t have the money to make it happen. I would help people find jobs, homes and fund some people’s education. I would do as much as I can to help as many people as I possibly could. I would be so happy doing it.

  4. What are your 3 favorite books? And what kind of books do you like to read?

    I love classics. I always go for classics, they are my favorite. My three favorite books are Wuthering Heights, The Great Gatsby and Little Women. I love many classic authors such as Jane Austen, The Bronte sisters, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, D.H. Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, Daniel Defoe. I also love Pearl. S. Buck and surprise: Some of Danielle Steel’s books. She’s not really my type, but I like her period novels. She has a good one called No Greater Love.

  5. What is something strange or unusual you used to do as a child?

    I didn’t have a very happy childhood so I remember feeling lonely a lot. I would not sleep at all at night because I was scared, so I would spend the whole night sitting in the hallway, listening to the other people in the house sleep. I also went by a hypochondriac phase, where I was always thinking I was sick and would die very soon. My mom was working in Germany, because she was a single mom and needed to support my sister and I, so I stayed with my grandparents. They were not the type that would allow you to go to their bed or that would console you after a bad dream or a night terror, so I had no one to comfort me at night.

  6.  Would you rather live in a big city with bright lights, lots of energy and action, or a quiet countryside with rolling green fields?

    I hoping to have a farm one day!! For real, that’s the kind of life I want for myself. I love the place where I live now because it’s countryside, but we are 30 minutes away from the big city, 30 minutes away from the Mountains and 7 minutes away from the beach. Perfection. We hope to buy a farm here in the next few years. The location is perfect and there are a lot of old little farms to buy and fix up. What a dream!

  7. What would you sing at a karaoke night?

    I would probably not sing at all. I’m too shy to sing in public. But if I had to, I would go for James Morrison, I think. I know his lyrics by heart.

  8. What’s your favorite movie/series?

    I could not choose a favorite movie, but I promise I will do a post soon, where I give you a list of my top 10 favorites or something like that, okay? For series, check here and here.

  9. What is your favorite comfort food?

    My cereal. Always!

  10. What is your favorite joke?

    I will tell one my mom tells all the time and that I find funny.

A German guy, a Brazilian guy and a Portuguese guy are put in jail for 20 years. The cops ask them what they want to fill their cells up with. The German guy says books, so they bring a ton of books to him. The Brazilian guy says women, so they bring him women. The Portuguese guy says cigarettes, so that’s what they give him.

Twenty years go by and they decide it’s time to open the cells:

They open the German guy’s cell and an intellectual comes out, very intelligent, having read all of those books.

They open the Brazilian guy’s cell and a bunch of kids come out, since he had a lot of time to have children with all those women.

They open the Portuguese guy’s cell and a crazy guy comes out, holding a cigarette and asking “Does anybody have a lighter?”


42 thoughts on “Hey, hey – Q&A (Part II)

  1. I would have been the Portuguese inmate! Great Q&A, and thanks for using some of my questions – really interesting to read a little more about you! That quote is also one of my favourites as it’s so poignant and powerful in its simplicity.x

    Liked by 1 person

    • I used all of your questions, dear!! How could I not? hahaha I would have been the German inmate, I would ask for a ton of books, then got bored with only books and say “shit, I should have asked for a few movies to mix it up”


  2. I would love to have a farm as well! Peace, nature, lovely animals…loads of cats…
    You know what kind of cereal I really miss here in Germany? Nestum. I ADORE Nestum. But I can’t buy it here T_T
    I even looked for it in Switzerland…no Nestum…

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  3. “Be the change you want to see in the world” – this is one of my favorites, too. ❤
    I’m sorry to hear about the very difficult times you had as a child, sleep should be peaceful and children should ALWAYS feel safe. ((hugs)) I know you’re not a little girl anymore but ((hugs)) to you anyway!

    Liked by 2 people

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