Hey, hey – Q&A (Part I)

So, I asked for questions and you guys sure delivered. Now it’s my turn to do my part and answer them. Here it goes my first Q&A ever:


  1. What do you like about living in Portugal?

    I love the weather, I get to see the seasons changes and it’s usually sunny, even in Winter. It can be freezing cold with a beautiful sunshine. I love how nice the people usually are, most of them are friendly. I feel safe here, we don’t have any problems with war or borders or foreign policy, which is more than many can say. It is a very beautiful countries with great places to go on vacation and everything is only a few hours away, since we are so small.

  2. What are some major life goals you have?

    I would love to be a mom. That is one of my main goals, to have a family. I want to get married and have a bog family, I feel like I was born to be a mother and a wife. I would love to be a doctor, that is my biggest dream. I’m in the process of deciding if I go for it and try to follow my dream or not. (What do you guys think? 25? Too late?) If I don’t, I would like to be a University Professor and teach Literature, which is one of my passions. I guess you don’t know this because I haven’t been reading much so books are not a regular topic here, but English and American Literature are one of my specializations. I would also love to travel, to have a cozy place to call home and to live a calm, happy life, somewhere in the countryside.

  3. What/who inspires you to blog?

    So many things, right now. Before I started, I wanted to be a blogger. I loved everything that word could possibly mean. I wanted to write, to be a writer and to have a voice. Then, I found it. Now, I’m motivated by other bloggers, by my life in general because I feel the need to blog in order to express myself, deal with some things and talk about different issues and also by my readers. Knowing you have the support of an audience changes everything. You know that someone values your words and ideas and so you keep going, because of them and how they make you feel.

  4. What’s your favorite food?

    Any kind of pasta. Give me all the pasta and pizza and bread.

  5. How many countries have you been to?

    This is something that makes me really sad and ashamed but, sadly, none. I’ve never had the opportunity to travel. When I was growing up I was too poor and didn’t have enough money. When I started to work I didn’t have time. Now I could find the time but money is tight so, I’m not going anywhere soon. I feel really ignorant because of this, especially when people around me start talking about their travels and I have nothing to say.

  6. What’s your favorite season?


  7. If people came to your country on holiday, what one dish do you think they should try?

    You know I will say codfish, don’t you. It’s our specialty. Try anything with codfish and you will be fine. If you don’t like fish, go for something like “Cozido à Portuguesa” or “Francesinha”.

  8. Do you have a plan for your blog’s future?

    This is a really good question. When I started, I had the obvious goal – to grow and to eventually make money from my blog, to turn it into a business. But now, after I know what I like to write and the type of audience I have, I feel like my blog is too personal for that. It will never be something “commercial”. Could it head in that direction? I don’t think so. What can I sell? My honest and true thoughts and ideas and  my heart’s desires? I don’t believe there’s a market for that. So now, I want to get to people. Some have described me as inspirational. Am I? If so, I want to encourage other bloggers. I want to talk about the deep, though subjects and encourage others to do the same. I want to be there for other bloggers, I want to meet people, help people and just… keep writing.

  9. What language(s) do you speak and what language(s) you like to learn?

    My native language is Portuguese. European Portuguese. I started to learn English when I was ten and I took it in University, up to a C2 level. I’m fluent in it. I’m not sure I can describe myself as bilingual, since I didn’t start with English at the same time I started to speak Portuguese but I can speak it and write it as well as Portuguese. My brain works in both languages. English is a big part of my life, since I’ve been teaching it since 2012. I had French for five years but I can’t remember anything. I’m currently learning German (A1 level) and Italian (A2 level). I can understand Spanish but not speak, same as French. I would love to learn more languages, maybe go back to French.

  10. Who inspires you?

    In life? Smart, strong women. Moms. Stay-at-home moms, working moms, all kinds of moms. Women who work their butts every day. Women in general.

  11. What kind of food do you crave when you are not feeling too well?

    If I’m really sick, chicken soup. Or tea and toast. If I’m just sad or tired, my cereal!!

  12. What do you consider to be your best talent?

    Hmm… I can sing. But really, I’m good with people. I’m good at teaching and motivating people. I’m a very good teacher, that I know. And I’m good at taking care of people and organizing and planning things. I have no children yet, but I’m 100% mom.

  13. Do you prefer coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

    I love me some lemon time. But coffee, with milk and some stevia. Or a cappuccino.

  14. What is your favorite time of the year?

    From September 1st to December 31st. It’s the beginning of the school year, it’s fall, my birthday, Rui’s birthday, cold weather, Christmas and New Years.

  15. Do you prefer iPhone or Samsung?

    Neither. I mean, I like iPhone but it’s too expensive here. Samsung, I don’t even know if they’re good or not. I have an Asus phone, but it’s shit. I don’t really care about brand, I just want a good phone with a good battery life. Have yet to find.

  16. McDonald’s, KFC or Burger King?

    McDonald’s all the way. Although I love Burger King’s fries. Never tried KFC.

  17. What are your opinions on a controversial man…Trump?

    I’m not sure I should have an opinion, since I’m not American. Do I have the right to have a say on your politics? I wouldn’t normally say anything but, since I was asked, I’ll be honest as I always try to be. I don’t want to offend anyone so, If you voted for Trump, I fully respect that. This is just an opinion based on what I’ve seen. I basically think he’s a racist and is misrepresenting the country, acting like a toddler. Come on, he refused to shake Merkel’s hand. Is it because she’s German? Is it because she is a woman? Could be, he treats women like shit and has no respect for them so, doing politics with a women might not be his favorite. Or he simply doesn’t like her so he says no, like a child would. I don’t know.

  18. If you could pick one junk food to eat forever and one healthy food to eat forever, what would it be?

    One junk food, I would go for McDonald’s. I love a Big Mac! For my healthy food I would either pick strawberries or cherries

  19. What’s your favorite thing about Jesus?

    The fact that I can’t talk to him and he’ll listen.

  20. Where would you like to live?

    USA. Minnesota. I don’t know why. Is that a good state to live? You guys tell me!



49 thoughts on “Hey, hey – Q&A (Part I)

  1. Minnesota? well, we can always use another pretty lady here but you’d experience the snow and cold and ice and more snow and more cold and more ice and you would run screaming away from here. just teasing. it’s nice here.

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  2. You should not be “ashamed” that you have not been to other countries! Hopefully you will someday. I am much older and haven’t been to that many either – but very much would like to. family came first :). I love that you admire moms and strong women, and I hope you get to be one one day. You will like Minnesota for the farm! Hopefully you like COLD snowy winters too! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. 25 is young! And you’ll be wiser than the others coming in, having a few years on them, and likely work harder. I always thought that had I waited a few years on going to college that I would’ve gotten so much more out of it since I was much more level-headed and focused when I was a bit older.

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  4. Great answers (in this post and Part 2)! 🙂
    I think you can totally voice your opinion on our current mess of a president even though you don’t live in the US. He’s making a complete ass of himself to the world, so you have just as much of a right to talk about it as anyone else! 😛 He wants to act like an ignorant, boasting wind bag of a man-child, he should expect people to talk about him. He sure isn’t afraid to talk about people, so why not? I’m sorry, he’s just terrible. It’s humiliating to have him as president of our country. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

      • Definitely. 😦 Fortunately I think a lot of people in the world know that many of us are against what he and his administration stand for. It’s sad though because it seems like a lot of the people who think like him have become even bolder since he took office. Like they think it’s okay to be a bunch of hateful bigots because the president is and so many people voted for him. It’s awful. It hasn’t even been 100 days since he’s been in office and he’s already messing so many things up. It’s scary to think of what he’ll do in his full term.

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  5. Loved your first Q&A ! Some great questions and loved getting to know you more too! BK fries are the best!!! And 25 is not too old at all – go for your goals!
    PS. Your Trump answer made me love you even more! I am ashamed that he is in charge of my county 😔.

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