For the last few days, since I asked for questions for my Q&A and someone asked what do I expect for my blog in the future, I felt like I needed to share some thoughts on blogging with my readers, so you can understand with goes through my mind when I think about this little internet space of mine.


First of all, I understand that some of you might be tired of all the Awards (I know they’re always the same, even my boyfriend and sister say they usually skipped them), because I do every single one I’m nominated for. My reasons are simple: I feel so happy and honored (when I started blogging I didn’t even know there was such thing) to be nominated that I must share that with my readers, that is my first reason. Secondly, I could never feel right if someone takes the time to think of me and nominate me for something and I just let it be. Respect and gratitude for the person who nominated me are my reason number two.

Not that I think that bloggers who don’t do them are disrespectful, not at all. I just think we have different ways of dealing with this type of post, both being okay. I can respect everyone’s opinion on the matter, I really do.

Nevertheless, if my readers are really, really tired of them, you can please tell me, as I’m always open to your opinions and love suggestions. Do you think I shouldn’t do them? Do you skip them? Please tell me now, as I have a bunch of them waiting to be posted.

Blogger Competitiveness:

This is a non-issue for me, since I’m not competitive at all. I’m happy when I reach 500 followers, I’m happy when YOU reach 5oo followers. There’s no other way for me. Blogging is a community and you are my friends, not my competition. I know that I’ve reached a good number of followers in a short amount of time and I know that some people who have been here long may not have as many, but it has NEVER crossed my mind that I’m better than them in any way. They are just numbers. Who knows why people follow? Who knows if they will stick around? Of course I’m happy to know that 500+ people followed my blog but I’m much happier to know about those 100 that always read, always comment, always support me, those who I consider my blogging friends. That’s what’s important for me – the community, the group, the help, the encouragement, the amazing people I got to know in these last two months. Without them, the number of followers means nothing for me. Without them, my number of followers is an empty accomplishment.

My Blog’s Future:

When this blog still existed only in my mind, I imagined I would someday be a great blogger and turn it into a business and make money from it. I didn’t know how people did it, and still don’t know. But I was going to do it. Fast forward two months and, here I am, thinking that this might never be anything more than a personal blog. Personal blogs don’t sell. I don’t try on new makeup or new clothes, I don’t DIY anything either. Not that I don’t like it or that I won’t do those things in the future, it’s just not where I am right now. I do love makeup and fashion and DIY and I hope to be a mommy blogger someday. My point is, even if or when I change my themes and start doing different things and addressing different issues, I don’t think I will ever be a great very well-known blogger, who makes money from my blog. It just looks too big for me.

That’s it, friends. Random things that were occupying my mind regarding my blog and the blogging word.

Do you have anything to say about it?

Over the next few weeks you can expect to read about my daily life and the changes I’m making as I spend my days fighting depression and trying to improve my health in general.

Is there something else you would like to read on this blog? I’m always open to suggestions!!