Hey guys,

I’m sorry this is my third post today.

I wanted to tell you that I understand that, because people are really busy, I don’t expect you to read so many posts. I usually write 2 a day, now 3 because of the blogging challenge I’m doing. I understand that most people don’t have the time to read that many, and that’s okay. You can skip them and read only the ones you’re really interested in.

Once I go back to work in a few months, I won’t have time to write or read as much as I do now. My blogging hours will have to be cut way back. It’s just impossible to do it all.

I want to tell you about followers and my following rules.

A month ago I was following more than 1,000 people. Crazy, I know, right? I wanted to follow back everyone that followed my blog because I thought it was only fair to do so. Then I realized I couldn’t possibly be following so many people and I cut it back to 700. Still too many, right?

With time, I came to realize that, even though I have a good number of followers, they don’t always interact with me. Some of them don’t do it at all. So, why should I? Why should I waste my time reading and commenting on some blogs if the bloggers didn’t do the same for me? It’s not that I need you to always read and comment and be on top of everything. Far from it. I just want you to show interest, as I do regarding your articles. So I decided that I would not follow those that don’t pay any attention to my writing, and ignore me when I comment on their blogs (which is extremely rude). It’s not my favorite thing to do and I still feel guilty about it, but I had a big purge the other day and now I’m down to following 300 people. Am I open to follow more people? Sure. As long as they cooperate and are a part of this community as active, kind and supportive people. I haven’t been following back my recent followers and for that I am really sorry. I would like to give them a chance, of course. One of these days I will go through everyone’s blog and follow the ones I do like.

animals-737407_1280 (1)

So my new following back rules are:

  • Please don’t dump a link on my comment section and just say “follow me back”. It won’t work. If you want me to take in interest on your blog, at least introduce yourself, please!
  • Don’t follow me and then disappear. I won’t follow you back if you do so.
  • Don’t follow me and then unfollow once I’ve followed you back. That’s just rude.
  • If I haven’t been paying enough attention to your blog or if I have missed some posts that you would like me to read, you’re more than welcome to drop me a link and ask me to do so.
  • If you blog once a year, it’s unlikely that I will follow you. When I last checked I was following so many people who weren’t even active anymore. Kind of frustrating. You get excited about a blog and then people just don’t write anymore.
  • If you blog about something that is offensive to me or that I cannot simply support I won’t follow you, obviously. I have unfollowed people because of sexist remarks, fat shaming and such.
  • You’re always welcome to call my attention to your blog and your articles if you’re a new reader. I will always read something you ask me to and give you my feedback.


Some random blogging thoughts:

  • If you ever need to talk about something, if you relate to one of my posts and would like to talk to me about your story, you’re welcome to email me. Or use any form of contact really. I may not answer right away, but I always do.
  • Some people have asked me for advice. Maybe because my blog has been growing at what could be considered a “fast” rate? I don’t know. I try my best to help those who come to me with blogging questions and asking for advice. I’m still a new blogger, but I will make sure to tell you what has worked for me. No secrets here. So feel free to contact me if you think I might help you!! Is there anything I can do for you?
  • I’m always open to collaborations and guest posts. You just need to email me your ideas and we can definitely arrange something.
  • I don’t mind at all when people ask me to promote their blogs or a specific post. Feel free to do so, if you are struggling.
  • If I have a certain Award and you don’t, I’m happy to nominate you;

New Followers:

To my new followers, who I haven’t been paying any attention, I would like to apologize. With so many people following, I stopped following back until I have the chance to go through your blog and read a few articles. Today I ask: Is there someone who has been following and reading me who I have yet to follow back or even read their blog? I would be so happy if you left me a link that I can check. I intend to go through all new follower’s blogs but it would be quicker if you left me a link. I guess that’s it. Oh, and thank you so much for following me. It means so much. Every new person brings me joy. I love meeting you, I love the interaction. Always feel free to introduce yourself and just chat!!



Fellow bloggers, what are your thoughts regarding these matters?

Do you follow many people?

Do you always follow back?

I would love to know who you deal with following and unfollowing.

Thank you so much for reading!