A few reasons why I might be a bad blogger…

If you ask me what a bad blogger is, I will tell you that there is no such thing. I believe we are all good in our own way. We do our thing and put so much effort in to blogging, how can we be bad at it?

But when it comes to myself, there are a few things that always bother me, and lead me to think I’m not a good blogger:

  • I don’t always include pictures in my posts. I always include a featured image, that I get fromΒ Pixabay, most times. When I do include pictures, they are taken with my phone or with my pink, 3-years-old Sony compact camera. I don’t edit them at all. I don’t know which program to use and, to be really honest, I don’t really care. The ones I take are real and raw. But is that what people want to see in a blog? Probably not. People want to see beautiful, color corrected, no shadows, whatever (can you tell how much I know about photography?) images. Don’t they?
  • I don’t have a blogging schedule or a blogging notebook or a list of Β blogging ideas. They just come to me and I write. I’ve just had this post idea while in the shower and here I am, 10 minutes later, writing. I blog whenever I feel like it, about whatever comes to mind, sometimes more than once a day (annoying bitch!!)
  • I have no filter. I’m the #queenofTMI, I write about any topic, good or bad and I say bad words, use sarcastic humor and just say whatever I want so say. I often ramble because I just want to write my thoughts, whatever they may be.
  • I don’t respect those nice blogging rules of 1000 words maximum or keep it short and simple. I write until I feel like I have nothing else to say and that the post is ready. Sometimes you get huge posts.
  • I don’t have a theme or themes. The world is my theme. You can get a recipe or a very Debbie downer post about depression or my health for days journey or something like asking for pen pals. Sometimes I come here just to tell you guys about something funny or nice that happened to me.
  • I overshare. I don’t have any issues with privacy. I’m always honest and open and tell you everything. I’m comfortable answering any questions you have, even if they are personal. What you get here, is what I am. I don’t hold anything back. Sometimes I plan things that end up going to shit but I don’t hide them at all. You get no sugar-coating or any ideas of perfection from me.
  • I care too much. I follow way too many people and spend endless hours reading their blogs. I love to be there for people and comment and actually read their work and that takes a huge part of my day.
  • I get frustrated by the numbers. I have no idea why I have almost 800 followers and only about 100 or 200 people read my posts, like, comment. I don’t understand this and it makes me feel confused. I’ve said this in the past but why follow if you don’t support, don’t read and don’t engage with the blogger?
  • I do too many tags and Awards. I had decided I would always accept them and do every single one but then I realized that might bore people to death (when you’re doing your Liebster number 87 it might get annoying) so I will just do the ones I’m already nominated for. I will also do any new ones that come my way and continue to nominate people for my tag.
  • I get anxious because I don’t have enough time to comment on everyone’s blog. I often want to say something, ask questions, give my opinion. But I follow about 700 people. There is no way.
  • To be honest, I don’t really think about what I am writing and don’t go back and edit sentences. You get things the way they come to my mind, as if I am talking to you. That’s why I probably sound rambly most of the time.

These are the reasons I think I don’t fit the pattern. I’m not consistent or professional at all. Will that ever change? I have no idea but I don’t think so.

What are your ideas on such topic?

What kind of blogger are you?

Are there any rules that you always follow?




147 thoughts on “A few reasons why I might be a bad blogger…

  1. Blogs that are random are my favorite type, so I’m a fan! I go with the parenting theme obviously for my current blog, but on my other blog, which is anonymous, I would post anything from parenting to mental health stuff.

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  2. In my opinion, those too perfect pictures where everything is photoshopped and filtered to perfection seem too much. I wonder what of it is real and what is fake. Expectations become too high. And you need not to worry about your posts. Maybe for a busy person you post too much, well then he or she skips a few, maybe you are straightforward, but you’re true, maybe you post stuff uninteresting to some, they can read the next one. πŸ™‚

    I think some posts are interesting and I will read them when time comes. Don’t use a filter, don’t edit photos, don’t pick a theme. Be real, be you, you’re interesting enough.

    To answer your question; I write to play with words. To tell a story.

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  3. I too don’t follow any norms as such… I recently started blogging and haven’t really cared much about ‘details’ of blogging… My main focus is to write what I think is interesting to me. That’s it !

    Is it okay or should I be a more ‘Professional ‘?


  4. Well I shall insist you are not a bad blogger At All. What is good and bad anyway when you are putting yourself out there. You are just presenting an honest version of your life. That is what counts. Don’t ya go beating yourself up! Is Rosa not giving you enough licks to take the edge off all the studying? xx


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