My Bucket List – reviewed!

Hey friends,

I decided that I would first give you the raw version of my bucket list, written many years ago. Now you get the updated version because so many things have happened and I need to complete it as I only have 90 things!!

100 things I want to do before I die:

  1. Learn how to ride a bike;
  2. Write a book (or several books);
  3. Read all of the books from my “books I want to read before I die list” and the thousands of eBooks I have saved up on my computer (through totally legal downloads…not);
  4. Buy an old house to renovate or just build my dream house;
  5. Having a garden and a vegetable garden with fruits and trees and vegetables and plants and herbs and flowers. (We sort of have a veggie garden now and a patio where we can plant flowers, but I would like to have a much bigger one someday!)
  6. Go to the United Stated and travel the 50 states;
  7. Learn how to sew, do more things in crochet and knitting;
  8. Be a mother; (be a mother of at least four kids. I want, I mean, we want a big family)
  9. Feel comfortable in my own body and control my weight; (working on it)
  10. Have two dogs and one cat; (already have one dog. Have since decided I want more than two dogs and one cat. I want more pets)
  11. Finish my degree in Languages, Literature and Cultures, with a Major in North American Studies and a Minor in English; (three courses to go and I’m done)
  12. Create a playlist of all my favorite songs;
  13. Have a library full of books;
  14. Try playing tennis, volleyball, basketball, running and Pilates; (I’ve tried Pilates since. I love it.)
  15. Do a Master’s in American Studies or Education;
  16. Buy a car;
  17. Take a massage course;
  18. Visit all of the most important places and monuments in the world, see all of the most important works of art;
  19. See all of the best movies ever made;
  20. Take more degrees, even if I’m not going to work in that field; (definitely still want to do this but I’m more inclined to following my dream, which is Medicine. Three years ago I thought it was impossible. Now, I believe I could do it.
  21. Do some courses and learn every thing there is to learn about English and Literature;
  22. Learn mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology and do exams, so I can take degrees that require these subjects; (I’ve done a Biology exam last year. Studied two years in one month, with a tutor and passed)
  23. Teach; (I have taught, for a few years)
  24. Learn German, French, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin; (I’m learning German and Italian, I definitely want to go back to French)
  25. Live in the countryside in a place full of trees and near the water; (I do live in the countryside now, 8 minutes from the beach)
  26. Get cured from my depression; (How sad is it that so many years have passed and I’m still working on it?)
  27. Wake up at the same time every day and get used to going to bed early;
  28. Be more sustainable and green (recycle, use more organic things, be more self-sufficient, make less garbage and have an electric car);
  29. Have a career;
  30. Have a shop or a cafe or a tutoring center or some other business;  (had a small business. Still want to have one, though)
  31. Get used to writing a journal;
  32. Buy better and more versatile and classic clothes that will last longer (more basics, etc);
  33. Stop being afraid of swimming in deep water and learn to swim better; (I stopped being afraid and swim much better now)
  34. Have healthy, long, beautiful nails and healthy hair;
  35. Stop being lazy when it comes to taking care of myself; (trying)
  36. Organize my finances and have a good savings account;
  37. Be completely independent; (I was, before I came to live with Rui. I lived at home but made good money and paid for all my things)
  38. Be part of some groups like a book club or choir or collective sport;
  39. Go to a dance class;
  40. Forget about my past, get over all of the heartbreak and disappointment;
  41. Create a better relationship with everyone in my life;
  42. Organize my things until I feel like I’m 100% organized;
  43. Be the best in class in the next degree in decide to take and be 100% dedicated;
  44. Fill a notebook with all my favorite poems;
  45. Buy a pink laptop; (WTF, how is this a life goal?)
  46. Collect postcards and stones; (Stones? WTF?)
  47. Exchange letter and postcards with people from other countries; (working on it)
  48. Learn more about Art, Cinema, History, Philosophy and Science; (well, I hope I have)
  49. Have friends all over the world; (I do know, don’t I?)
  50. Do a trip on my own;
  51. Write articles for a newspaper or magazine;
  52. Repeat all my exams from high school;
  53. Prepare myself to be able to teach Portuguese as a second language and to tutor Portuguese students for exams; (I’ve done this and taught for 2 years)
  54. Do some online courses;
  55. Do a play;
  56. Live alone; (never happened, I don’t mind not doing it)
  57. Learn how to play the piano;
  58. Be 100% healthy;
  59. Fill a notebook with recipes;
  60. Find my religion;
  61. Do some DIY projects like jewelry or restore furniture;
  62. Have a blog with 100 followers;  (I do have one. With 600 amazing followers!!!)
  63. Have singing lessons;
  64. Get married and stay married for 50 years;
  65. Write down all my expenses and live on a budget;
  66. Be in shape and like sports;
  67. Do volunteer work (at a hospital, with the homeless, for a suicide line and with orphan babies); (I did, at my school’s library and teaching Literature at a Senior Citizen University)
  68. Win an Award;
  69. Do an album with all my pictures;
  70. Adopt a child;
  71. Learn how to do things from scratch (soap, bread, clothes, detergent, etc.)
  72. Do a PhD;
  73. Help as many people as I can;
  74. Be great at something;
  75. Create a big folder, full of English learning/teaching materials;
  76. Get to know Lisbon better, like a tourist;
  77. Be able to say no to candy; (trying)
  78. Be informed about what is going on in the world;
  79. Do some kind of course related to computers or technology;
  80. Meet a famous writer;
  81. Write a movie or TV show script;
  82. Run a marathon;
  83. Be someone’s godmother; (I was going to be, but my aunt miscarried, unfortunately!)
  84. Take my driver’s licence and pass in the first try;
  85. Stop being ashamed of getting my picture taken and be in more;
  86. Write a Master’s thesis and PhD thesis;
  87. See all of Shakespeare’s plays in the theater;
  88. Learn how to meditate; (working on it)
  89. Have 15/20 students at the same time for my private classes and make a good salary from them; (done, I even had 30 at one point. Made good money with my business)
  90. Keep the friends I have and find more lifelong friends;
  91. Live on a farm!
  92. Meet my blogging friends in real life.
  93. Write a cookbook!
  94. Get into the habit of doing yoga every day!
  95. Teach an online course.
  96. Be a foster mom.
  97. Have my babies naturally, without any medication if possible;
  98. Adopt my stepdad’s last name;
  99. Do five small tattoos;
  100. Be a doctor!!!


Thank you so much for reading, my dear friends!!



44 thoughts on “My Bucket List – reviewed!

  1. ignitedmoth says:

    Great bucket list. You have a lot of wonderful goals, and such a variety! 🙂
    Do you have ideas for the five tattoos you want? I love tattoos but am too much of a wimp with needles to get any. lol
    I think it’s great that you’ve already worked at and even accomplished so many of the things on this list. Go you!! Best of luck with the rest of the list. 😀 I believe you can do it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Erika says:

    Lots of great goals! I’m with you on publishing a book (although I’m horrible at anything that requires much more focus than a blog post). I’d love to sew or crochet one day, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. iwannabealady says:

    I can’t believe we have so many of the same goals in common. I should have written them down as I went through the list. Im with you on the learning. I love learning and want to be a lifelong student. I’d love to write a book. I want to learn knitting, I rehab furniture all the time and I really dream of having a good sized garden and having a more eco-friendly lifestyle. There’s more but I’ll leave it at that. Oh yea, I may show up at your door one day and fulfill your meeting us in person dream 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cheila says:

      We do have so much in common. I value learning. Any kind. Going to school, watching videos or researching different themes, reading. I would be desperate if you told me that I could never learn anything new again. Oh, please come. I’d be so happy


      • iwannabealady says:

        I will come!!! I’m not kidding! Idk when yet but it will happen, Mmark my words. If I was told I could never learn anything new, if sink so low into depression. That’s a horrible fate. One of my biggest hobbies is learning. You are inspiring in that if love to do more actual course as you’re doing. Nothing like the pressure of exams and papers. So much fun! May I highly recommend this film “Wings of Life”. It’s a freaking beautiful documentary that teaches on the importance of flowers and bees, etc (as a gardener you’ll adore it). It’s on Netflix if you have that. One of the best things I’ve watched in a while.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. j_ivanna says:

    That’s inspiring! That’s cool that you did a reviewed version, so we can see how some goals have changed or that you already achieved something!
    I want to learn more languages too! Do you take courses or learn by yourself?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. alwaysblushingblog says:

    This was a great idea to review your backlist and display it so clearly! Good luck with completing it, you’ll have to keep us posted 🙂


  6. Beyoutiful says:

    Very nice list! We share similar goals: def am afraid of swimming and need to finally let go of that fear lol and yes, I really need to focus on being 100% healthy as well. Hope you really achieve these goals girl ❤


  7. myhearinglossstory says:

    Hello Cheila. Ooh what a great list! I too would love a garden, and to be able to grow fruit and veg. I have lived in apartments for so long, and one day I will have my garden!! Take care, and good luck completing your list 🙂


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