Pocket full of random #5 – I’m not back, repeat, I’m not back!!

Hello everyone,

I’m not blogging. Well, technically I am, but I’m not back!

I’ll only be back when I’m:

  1. Up to date with your blog posts.
  2. All of my old comments answered.
  3. A few posts organized.

I want my “blogging life” to be organized and stress free, so I’m not posting for a few days after this update post.

What else?

Oh, this one is going to be bad.

I sadly declare that will not continue to read the Harry Potter series. I was taking to long to read the second one, not liking it and forcing myself to do it just because everyone seems to love it and were expecting my reaction. That was causing some stress, as I wanted to read it to please everyone and was not reading other books I am actually interested in. I’m sorry. It’s just not for me. You probably read this at 11. I’m doing it at 25 and I just can’t get into it. I’ll guess I’ll stay out of the loop.


I’m fine and calm and wearing my phone on my sports bra that I wear at home (not always the same one, I have several lol) to count my steps, which is really nice because I challenge myself to take as many as I can.

I’m being good when it comes to my health and diet.

I’ve been sleeping very, very well.

Please don’t find it strange if I’m answering your comments from a month ago.

Love you and miss you.






38 thoughts on “Pocket full of random #5 – I’m not back, repeat, I’m not back!!

  1. Don’t worry about Harry Potter! I know people who don’t like it. In fact 2 of the girls I lived with in second year didn’t like it, so I understand that it isn’t for everyone πŸ™‚ I won’t judge you for it πŸ™‚

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  2. I don’t know, not liking Harry Potter might be a deal breaker for me! Haha just kidding, I feel that way with Lord of the Rings. I can’t get into it. Puts me to sleep!

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  3. LOL, I just wrote a blog post today about books and I mentioned how much I didn’t like Harry Potter. I appreciate it because it gets kids to read, but I don’t want to read them myself.


  4. Ahh don’t worry about it. HP is definitely something most of us enjoy since we grew up into it. I haven’t reread it in a few years as I just got a little sick of it πŸ˜‚
    Rory recently read all of them (He only read up to the fourth as a kid), it took him a few years. He read them on and off, and as the books got longer his patience ran thinner, and by the end he read them all just to finish it, and didn’t really enjoy it. The movies are still fun for both of us though πŸ˜€

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  5. I was the same way with the second Harry Potter book. I enjoyed the first and couldn’t get through the second. I’m quite liking the third one, though πŸ™‚ but I won’t be reading the whole series. I’ve had to catch up with reading/comment responding in the past; I wish you luck on this blogging mission now. ❀

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  6. Ah, don’t worry about the Harry Potter books. If you’re not feeling it, just put it down and move on to something else on your reading list.

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  7. Hi Cheila,

    So sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you can confirm whether you’d like to be a part of my blogging project? I’m trying to get a list of people together. If you like, you can sign up to receive more details later on in the process, then cancel if need be? Please let me know. Again, apologies.



  8. No worries about the Harry Potter thing! πŸ™‚ I think we all have some “fan favorite” series or standalone thing that seems to appeal to the masses but just isn’t our own personal cup of tea. The age thing you mentioned may also play a large part in it, too. I’ve been *attempting* to read The Chronicles of Narnia books (they’re so short, but I still haven’t gotten back to where I left in the first one a while back), and I think I’m having the same problem. I’d probably have loved them as a child. We’ll see though, I’ll try to pick the series back up at some time (possibly). lol

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    • I haven’t read that series other. My sister read both Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia as a child/teen and loves both. I also have a little hate for Lord of the Rings lol

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