Perfect Party Series #19: Shweta Suresh

Today I’m featuring one of my best blogging friends. We’ve come a long way, as I’ve met her in my early days of blogging and we’ve been super supportive of each other ever since. She’s such a sweet, kind-hearted person and she’s a an amazing writer.

Her name is Shweta Suresh and she blogs over at My Random Ramblings.

Let’s begin by reading what she has to say about herself and her blog:

Shweta is a voracious reader who loves writing, sarcasm, binge-watching and baking. A chatterbox, Potterhead, dog lover, vegetarian and engineer by choice. Malayali, perfectionist, and terrible cook by default.

When she’s not writing, she can found doing any one of the following – with her nose buried deep in a book, dreaming about her favourite fictional characters, creating a new recording on Smule, thinking up new fun ideas for her blog, or singing along to whatever song that’s blaring through her headphones.

What else can I tell you about her?

  • She would invite the Obamas for dinner.
  • She loves baking
  • She loves animated movies
  • She loves cold weather
  • Her favorite fruit is orange
  • She can’t swim
  • She would love to visit Paris

Now, my very favorite posts from my dear friend:


Six Word Story #1

Six Word Story #2

Six Word Story #3

Six Word Story #4

Six Word Story #5



#AtoZChallenge: Queue in the cafe (short story #1)

short story #2: Becky and Suze (Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner)

short story #3: Not a run-of-the-mill fairy tale!



A to Z Challenge 2017

Three Line Tales

You have realized by now that I’m a fan, haven’t you? I love her writing. She absolutely rocked the A to Z challenge and I actually love everything she writes. I love that we sometimes speak through email or twitter and I feel very close to  her.

Dearest Shweta, you know how much you mean to me. You’re such a good, loyal friend and I’m so happy I have met you. What an honor. Keep writing because you’re just so talented, it’s part of who you are. I hope you do like this post. We’ll talk soon.




5 thoughts on “Perfect Party Series #19: Shweta Suresh

  1. Storyella is an awesome and great friend! She writes impeccably well, is super funny, sarcastic when necessary and everything one would look out for in a supportive friend.

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