Perfect Party Series #18: Life as easy as

Today I’m featuring a lovely girl, who blogs over at Life as easy as…. I do know her name because we have exchanged emails but, because she has never revealed it, I’ll keep it to myself. I’m sorry for that. I don’t know her age but I know she’s a teen and a very kind and nice girl. She loves lists, just like I do, and I love reading hers.


What else do we know about her?

  • She prefers flats over heels.
  • She likes pop music and her favorite band is Little Mix. (I think I’m getting old because I have never heard of it.
  • She can’t live without skittles (I mean, who can).
  • Her favorite social media platform is Pinterest.
  • She’s in Europe.
  • Her maternal language is English but she also speaks: French, German, and a bit of Punjabi and Spanish (wow, girl).
  • Her favorite book is Girl Online: going solo
  • She likes Ed Sheeran (who doesn’t?)
  • Her favorite food is her mom’s chicken pie.
  • The people who inspire her the most her (her own words): Poppy Deyes and my beautifully talented blogger friend Cheila. *Cleans tears*.
  • Her lucky number is 3.
  • If she could live anywhere she would choose Sidney.


It is now time for my favorite posts:

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Now, let’s get to her answers to my party questions:

Tell us about yourself.

I am passionate about blogging although I may be a little disorganized at times. I have made many new friends during this experience. My blogging idols are Poppy Deyes and my best blogging friend Cheila! I am currently at secondary school and in February I have to pick my options for GCSE’s but I don’t even know what I’m going to choose?! I want to be a maths teacher but a blogger as well – I need help. Apart from blogging I love anything crafty and reading – I could read for hours! I hope one day this blog is something I’ll look back to and enjoy the experience I’ve had – I’m nearly at 100 followers: 9 more to go!!

What was your favorite thing about my party?

I loved meeting new bloggers and discovering new people to talk to and find!

Did you get any new followers or views because of the party?

Yes, I did get more views and a few new followers over the past few days; the party did influence that I think!

Did you make any friends?

Yes! I made loads of new friends but I have become especially close to Amelia In Hull! She’s an amazing blogger and I’m so glad I met her through this blog party.

Dear friend,

It makes me so happy that you look up to me. I hope I’m a good role model (except for the occasional bad word, but I’m sure you hear those everywhere). I hope to inspire you to blog even more and to give it your best, since you love it so much. We’ll always be friends. I hope you like this post, my dear. Thank you so much for being so supportive.




6 thoughts on “Perfect Party Series #18: Life as easy as

  1. GCSES means 15/16. Can not believe how young and knowledge these teen bloggers are and how much social media they have to keep up with. I feel old; it was not like that when I was at school. Also notice 30MAY she posted a survey to help with her site…


  2. Sorry dear, I need to annoy you again ahah. How do you add your blog onto Bloglovin’? I’m trying to gain more traffic xx


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