Perfect Party Series #17: Gracie Chick

Today is finally Gracie’s day!! She has been expecting this, haven’t you love? It’s finally here so get excited because you’re about to read really nice and true things about yourself and your lovely blog.

We first need to start by reading Gracie in her own words. I think her about page is one of the best I’ve ever seen on a blog. She perfectly describes herself and her lifestyle. She’s a writer, indeed.

Hello there! My name is Gracie Chick and I am thirteen years old. This is my blog,  A Light In The Darkness.

I am just an ordinary girl, with big dreams and hopes for my life. Ever since I was a very small child, my parents have tried to teach me and my siblings to help others when we can, to challenge the way our modern society works, to make a difference and make a change, to be ourselves and be honest. Through the life we live, we hope to practice all these things.

My life is not normal, I travel a lot, in boats, vans, cars and numerous other vehicles. Me and my family try to go with our circumstances, I don’t belong to a certain religion, but I have faith in something bigger than me to guide me and help me. This way of life isn’t perfect, I struggle with it often.

believe that everyone has a way to help others and that mine is through my absolute passion: writing. Through words, I am able to express my honest feelings, to share my views on the world, to inspire others to think differently, to show that there is another way.

This blog is me trying to be ‘a light in the darkness’. I chose to call my blog that because often my Dad would tell me stories about the people who have shaped our world and how they are like lights guiding the people in the darkness to light and safety, just like a lighthouse.

There’s more and it is really good, so I encourage you to visit her About Page.

Next step, as usual, is sharing my favorite posts from her blog:

My Honest Struggles: An Inspiring Rant

Virtual Hugs All Round!

Chaos In The Classroom And Teaching Triumphs

Trust 💓

That Time When I Stood Up For What I Believed In

Something Inside So Strong…..

Into The Sunset: My Purpose In Life And My Dreams For The Future…


And I need you to focus on these in particular:

Gracie’s Guides To The World Around Us

Gracie’s Guide To The 2017 UK General Election Results

I mean, this girl is 13 and she talks about politics like a grown up. Better than a grown up. I don’t have half of the knowledge she shows about this matter. I don’t even really follow politics because they make me nervous. But this young teenager does, and she knows enough to give her own opinions and views. Please God, may my children be like this someday, award of the world around them and able to think with their own minds. She is full of light, no doubt.



Finally, it’s time for Gracie’s answers to my party questions:

Tell us about yourself.

Hello there! My name is Gracie Chick. If you decide to visit my blog, expect a challenging, honest and witty approach to the world and it’s people, problems and plans, all from the perspective of a determined and passionate teenage girl just trying to achieve her big hopes and dreams.

I love to connect with other bloggers who have similar ideas and ambitions as me, I enjoy meeting new people and having conversations and discussions. It is so inspiring and empowering to be a part of this diverse, supportive, colourful blogging community. If you know me, thank you for being a blogging friend! If you don’t, swing by my blog and introduce yourself!

What was your favorite thing about my party?

The sense that people from all over the world, perhaps thousands of miles apart, could sit and talk and get to know each other.

Did you get any new followers or views because of the party?

Yes, I did. A few of people came over to A Light In The Darkness and said hi.

Did you make any friends?

Definitely! I must say that the conversation was brilliant, from explaining what a Victoria sponge cake was to discussing music genres, it was all so fun. I think that blogging parties are a perfect way to meet new friends and chat in a welcoming and inclusive environment. My posts are often quite serious and I have pretty philosophical and deep comment discussions with my readers, I enjoyed being able to go over to someone else’s blog and chill out, have some fun.

Sem Título

Dear Gracie,

You know how special you are, don’t you? You’re so honest and intelligent and well-read and well-informed. You’re not just another one in the crowd. You stand out for being so bright. You are a light in the darkness and a breath of fresh air. You will continue to be so especial and you’re going to do great things in this world, I am absolutely sure. I hope I can read you for many years to come, just to have the chance to look into your beautiful mind. I hope this posts does you justice, my dear. I tried my best, but are not something we can really describe in a few words. Thank you for being you.

A huge hug.



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