Perfect Party Series #16: Adila

Tonight I’m featuring dear Adila, owner of the blog


She blogs about anything and everything and there’s so many interesting posts to choose from. I admire her for her faith (she’s muslim and I’ve asked her so many questions about her faith because I love to know other cultures and religions and didn’t know much about Islam), her hand for diy and the fact the she will soon become a doctor. She’s humble and kind and supportive. She’s just so lovable. You need to meet her.


I’ve told you I admire her for her strong faith, so I hope you’re interested in reading a few posts about religion. The way she honors her faith is so inspiring.


Ramadan Mode ON✨

You have to check her dyi posts:

DIY Canvas Art 🌴


Think blue!💙


Outdoor decor DIYs🍃


DIY pop-up gift card💌


Other posts worth mentioning:

‘Free’ time?⏳

The never-told how to’s of studying.📚🤓


To finish, let’s check her answers to my party questions:

Tell us about yourself.

I’m Adila Muhammed Karol. I’m from Manglore,India. I’m 20 years old. I dis all my schooling in Kuwait. Now, I am midway in my college on the way to be a doctor. I am very passionate about keeping things clean and organised, DIY art, painting ,reading, Arabic calligraphy ,public speaking, writing and my religion,Islam. I don’t blog about any particular topic. Instead, I write about my thoughts, how I do things and how I feel about some things.


What was your favorite thing about my party?




That was totally innovative idea. I had never seen anybody else host a blog party,Cheila. The best part was where bloggers described their outfits and went crazy speaking of what they loved to eat.❤️

Did you get any new followers or views because of the party?

Of course, I did. I’m stunned by how my stats went so high. You are definitely doing a great job. You are helping out new bloggers find a stand. You are amazing.

Did you make any friends?

I made a few. I was busy with several other things so I could not take my sweet time and check out other blogs .I will do that once I am done with everything. but still, I made quite a few friends worth being friends with. Thank you.

Dear Adila,

I really hope you like this post. You’re such an inspiring person and I’ll be waiting for more amazing posts. Keep them coming, girl. I’m really happy to have met you. Thank you for reading my blog. xx




5 thoughts on “Perfect Party Series #16: Adila

  1. Cheila!❤️
    Thankew so muchhh! I don’t deserve all this praise!
    You are really good at this thing- making it easier for new bloggers to find each other and build a blog family! Thank you again:)

    Liked by 1 person

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