Perfect Party Series #15: thegeckoonline

I was a little reluctant to post this because, the thegeckoonline, who I’m featuring today, hasn’t blogged in a month, and I would like to make sure she is reading this. I wondered if I should do it when she comes back, but then I decided to post it today, hoping she’ll come back soon. Meet The Very Punny Blog.


Let’s start with her own introduction herself:

I try to think of myself as a funny person, pulling out those witty comments at opportune moments or making people laugh with a quick one liner, but rarely am I seen as such. Usually my jokes are rewarded with a slight disappointed shake of the head or if I’m lucky an actual response!! …Usually around the lines of, “that was horrible!”.

This is why I decided to dedicate an entire blog to my hilarious personality 😁. Here you might find a pun off that happened between friends, a funny or embarrassing moment from my day (or someone else’s) and if your lucky, a joke from yours truly that you can share with the world (because like all my jokes, it will OF COURSE be the funniest thing you have ever heard).

Sometimes you might also find a sad topic that I thought I should share or an important moment from my anonymous life 🙂.

What do we know about her?

  • The Harry Potter series is one of her favorites when it comes to books;
  • She loves blogging;
  • She loves ice cream;
  • She loves meeting new bloggers;
  • She loves positive comments on her blog;
  • Her favorite color is purple;
  • She has a sweet tooth;
  • Her favorite season is Winter;
  • She can play the piano;
  • She would like to visit Japan;
  • She loves to read;

We don’t know that much because she is anonymous and very discreet. We obviously don’t mind and love her and her blog anyway. She’s really funny and punny.


I’m very happy to see that she has recently done my tag, it’s actually the last thing she posted. I’m always happy when I some my tag on someone’s blog.

Friends For Days Tag


She just has so many interesting posts!

I love this “Random Acts of Kindness Series”:

Random Acts Of Kindness

Random Acts Of Kindness – Day 1

Random Acts Of Kindness – Day 2

Random Acts Of Kindness – Day 3

The Random Acts Of Kindness Foundation

Another nice posts worth mentioning:

The Kissing Emoji

Wardrobe Weather

Clothes Shopping

Awkward Situations

Accidental Following

Finally, her answers to my party questions:

Tell us about yourself:

I am an anonymous, self anointed pun extraordinaire who blogs over on Very Punny. I try to make my posts lighthearted and a bit humorous as well.

What was your favorite thing about my party?

How fun and happy everything was, with the talk of food and clothes. The others were also all very kind and fun to talk to. Finding new blogs was a highlight!

Did you get any new followers or views because of the party?

I did, my best day of views in probably two weeks, and a few more followers as well. That was very exciting 🙂

Did you make any friends?

Yeah (well, I think so 😉),  many people at the party were new to me and now I’ve nominated some of them for awards and I count them as blogging friends 🙂

Don’t forget to go over her blog and read this amazing articles and give her a follow.

P.S I’m taking a risk in assuming that this blogger is a girl, as there’s no place where she/he states that. Please let me be right and not super embarrassed!

I do hope you like this post 🙂







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