Perfect Party Series #9: Sara

Here’s Sarah’s post, if you didn’t read it before 🙂

Pink for Days

Today I’m featuring my Absolute Party Winner!!

Her name is Sara and she blogs at

I wish I knew Sara as well as a few of the other bloggers I have featured before, but the truth is I don’t. Because of that, I’ll start with her telling us about herself in her own words:

I write about:

  • Sheffield, England where I live: culture, food and events.
  • Theatre
  • Books
  • I’m not a big film buff but do write about films I watch.
  • Wonderwalls globally.
  • Places I have travelled to: China, Prague, Amsterdam, Croatia…
  • My adventures spotting gold post boxes and sculptures such as 2016 Sheffield elephants, Lambanas, Hull 2017 moths, Lincoln 2017 bishops from May 2017.

and answering my party questions:

I’m Sara. My blog is called Wonderwall 360. Because it is about my 360 I.e my world. I have been writing about some ‘wonderwalls’ like Great Wall of China…

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