Perfect Party Series #6 – Ella May Garrett

Re-blogging my post on my dear Ella!

Pink for Days

This Monday I’m featuring dear blogger and friend Ella May Garrett. Do you like Mondays, dear Ella? I bet you do, just like everyone.

Do you know Ella?

First of all, I need to say I feel in love with her name as soon as I met her. Ella May might be the cutest, girliest, classiest, most princess like name ever. I would name one of my future girls Ella or May or Ella May in a heartbeat.

Secondly, I mean, this girl named her blog after herself. That’s brilliant. What’s your blog name? Ella May Garrett. She’s like Madonna but with three names.

Thirdly, this girl is absolutely gorgeous. There’s a photo of her that reminds me so much of the girl in my Syoss shampoo bottle, with her long, silky beautiful hair.

20 points if you go over to her Instagram and find out which photo I’m talking…

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