Perfect Party Series #1 – Cassi Turner

Did you have a chance to read Cassi’s feature on my “Perfect Party Series”? If you didn’t, here it is again. Check her blog, I’m sure you’ll love it. ❤

Pink for Days

Lovely people,

As you know, I’m featuring all of my beautiful party-goers that made my 1000 followers blog party a SUCCESS!! The order is random. Cassi is first because she was the first to email me. That’s the order I’m going for. It keeps it random and fair.

So, about Cassi…

This lovely girl, wife and mom of two blogs over at Do you know her? Have you checked her blog? If you haven’t, now it’s the time to do it.

Before I tell you about her blog and my favorite posts, here’s the questions I’ve asked her:

Tell us about yourself.

I’m Cassi. I’m 24. I’m a wife, mother, and makeup enthusiast. I use my blog to convey my passion for makeup while de-stressing at the same time. My blog is my happy place. Let me show you my happiness.

What was your favorite thing about my…

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