Health for days journey – June 22nd (update)

Good evening everyone!

I’ve been pretty busy today.

Let’s take a look at my to-do list:

  • Answer all of the letters and postcards I have received, mail them tomorrow; – Didn’t have time.
  • Vacuum the house, I mean, our dog hair factory; – Did and sweat like a pig.
  • Watch a movie; – Didn’t have time.
  • Put away the remaining laundry, mostly towels and kitchen towels. – Laundry is all taken care of.
  • Make dinner; – Yes, but Rui helped.
  • Making a shopping list, we need to do a big shopping trip on either Saturday or Sunday; – I haven’t done it yet.
  • Read blogs; – Have just read a few.
  • Cut my hair, shave, do my eyebrows, do a face mask, exfoliate my body and maybe put on clear nail polish so I won’t bite my nails; – Still haven’t done this. Will before bed.
  • I would love to take a walk but I’m lazy; – I worked enough at home. I think.
  • I’ll try to do my yoga, at least. – I’ll probably do it before bed.


  • I dusted my living room.
  • I watered the garden and the inside plants.
  • I made some iced tea.
  • I put away all of the dishes that were clean in the washer.
  • I filled up the dishwasher again and turned it on.
  • I took off and washed my sofa covers.
  • I cleaned my wallet.
  • I cleaned my purse.
  • I picked up a few things that were out-of-place all over the house and returned them to their right places.
  • I posted twice on Instagram.
  • I am re-blogging all of the “Perfect Party Series” posts that are already done.
  • I moped the floors.
  • I made my bed.
  • I opened the windows.

I do feel quite well and energetic today and it definitely shows. I remembered to wash, tone and moisturize my face after I woke up, for example. I took my pills on time.

Food and water:

Lunch: 200 g of frozen baby carrots, half a banana, an apple, one frappuccino;

Snack: Greek yogurt with half a teaspoon of raspberry jam;

Dinner: 4 tablespoons of brown rice with veggies, a salad, two grilled Brazilian sausages, a small piece of grilled pork, about 10 chips.

Water: 1.5 l

After dinner: One frappuccino.

So, this is what I was up to today. It was quite productive so I’m happy and ready for a shower and some pampering.

Next on my Perfect Party Series:

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June, 27th – Adila

June, 28th – Gracie

June, 29th – Life as easy as…

June, 30th – Shweta

And then I will be done with the series!!

Thank you so much for reading. xx


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