Health for days journey – June 21th (update)

Hey everyone!!

Back home just now. Mom’s birthday was nice, just me and Rui and her and my stepdad and my sister. We had dinner and cake and I got to spend some time with sweet kitty Daisy. She’s just the sweetest thing. Goes to everyone, is not scared of people she doesn’t know, plays with everyone all the time.

Expect when she slapped me. With her little sharp nails. I have a little mark and all but I don’t think she meant it, my face was just in the wrong place.

Gatsby bit Rui though. And I think he meant it because he’s kind of shady (Gatsby, not Rui). He has bite marks and all. You pet him and he bites you in return. But my mom says he’s the sweetest cat.

My therapy appointment went really well too. My therapist is really sweet and supportive. I know you’ll say it’s her job but I’ve had about 4 different ones before her and they weren’t like that.

I bought my mom a maxi dress (she loves them) and a kitty coin purse, because she’s a crazy cat lady.

I guess that’s about it. Now I’ll show you some random pictures.

Sister selfie. No makeup today
View from their apartment
View from their apartment (2)
View looking down
My sister’s bed. She’s 21
Book I’m almost finishing
Me with sweet Daisy. I just couldn’t put her down
She loves kisses
I pet her, she pets me
Her sweet face 
Shoes I bought today for 5€
Third room in the apartment (second biggest), once my room, now storage/cat room
Gatsby ignoring me
Cutie again


That’s it for today, guys!

Sometimes I think I would like to take better pictures for you guys, but I don’t get out of the house much, currently, so I just show you little snaps from my daily life. Nothing exciting or too interesting but I’m happy I’m taking more pictures now anyway.

Thank you so much for reading, see you tomorrow ❤



43 thoughts on “Health for days journey – June 21th (update)

  1. Sounds and looks like you guys had a great day especially Daisy with all of those hugs and kisses. Gatsby looks like “they’re still here?” 🙂 I’m glad that you have a therapist who makes you feel comfortable that is so important. Your selfie picture with your sister is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Thank you 🙂 oh yes, and I’ve just notice some scratch on my leg and some dry blood and thought it was strange. Until I remembered Daisy used my leg as a ladder with her sharp claws

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          • Young puppies have such ghastly ones too. Once I met two over-excited six-month old pups (for an interview about therapy dogs with their mistress). She was recovering from illness and I swear I have never been more terrified. They ran up and down the room the entire time, like they were on sugar. More importantly, they wanted to show the newcomer affection by climbing and scratching her all over with their claws. I could not get out fast enough of that house.

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            • hahahaha Rosa used to bite our hands and arms when she was about 2 or 3 months old. That hurt and left marks lol I think they do it because that’s how puppies play with each other. It was so hard to end that habit. We tried a spray water bottle, we tried pretend crying or screaming to show she had hurt us, we tried lemon juice or vinegar on our hands. Nothing worked. It was especially bad for me because I have sensitive skin and my hand and arms would look like I got into a fist fight with a cactus. Eventually Rui lost his cool, grabbed her head and pushed it against the sofa (not hurting her, just putting her in a submissive position) and yelled “No, Bad” several times. She stop then and there.

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              • There you go. You have to train the puppy or else you suffer Cactus Hands (could be a term hey!) at your own risk. Well done Rui! I might not be able to train a puppy but I sure do appreciate someone who can. Adi says I would be terrible at it and that our dog would be a fat one.

                I am curious now. Who is Rosa more fond of? Rui or you? 🙂

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                • I think she likes him better, to be honest. I took longer to bond with her and I didn’t pay her as much attention as she would want for a long time because I was overtired and over-stressed. Since I’ve been home, she spends all day following me around from room to room. Yesterday I was out all day when when we got home we were on the couch and she was crying. I thought she wanted to be with Rui and made room. She got on the couch, went around Rui and made her way to me and sit on my lap and kissed me. I was really moved and though “wow, she does love me”. He’s the one who trains her, definitely. To sit, to go to the bathroom outside, not to steal food, all him. I share whatever I’m eating with her (we love to snack together on toast or frozen baby carrots) and I’m more permissive.

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                  • Hahaha I loved the picture you created. Of her craving Rui time. Rui is all settled huh? Two doting women. That is The Life.

                    I am sure she is as much in love with you as Rui. You are after all her everything, isn’t it? It is just that the hand which trains you gets a different level of appreciation. It is the kind of appreciation that I have for my mother even though I used to hate her thwacking me with a ladle as a child (she would faint if she heard this) xx


  2. Aww, sounds like a lovely time! I love the sister selfie picture! Daisy is so cute!! Gatsby is cute and aloof. Also, as for your sister’s bedsheets, I had colourful clowns on mine till I was 22 when I moved out. It’s literally been on my bed since I was 5. I just like it for some bizarre reason even though it’s for children.

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  3. I love the fact that you’re including more selfies. Keep them coming! It’s lovely to get a glimpse into your daily life. ❤ I love the view from their apartment! It’s so beautiful. So glad to know that the therapy appointment went well. Thanks for sharing. 💕😊

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