Hey guys,

How is everyone?

It’s so hot here, I’ve taken a cold shower. And I hate cold showers. I must confess I have been sleeping with nothing on but my panties. And I can’t even tolerate a sheet covering me. We do have a fan but we’re trying to be frugal and not use it. We sleep with both of our windows open and it helps a little. I sweat so much just doing stuff around the house.

Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday. She will be 42. Yes, she’s a very young mom. She had me at 16 and my sister at 20. I love that she is still in her forties. I’m going to her house in the morning and then I have my therapy appointment at 3 p.m and then I’ll go back to have dinner with my family. Rui will meet us there. I must find a way to have time to buy her a nice present.

Reflecting on my day, I did lots of things, but nothing I had actually planned.

I tried to study but my brain can’t do it right now, with the new medication and all. I’m not sure how things will be regarding my exams. I will do the 3 mandatory ones for sure, maybe leave the other 4 for September? Or maybe just give up on my second minor. It’s sad but I’m just not productive as I need to be right now. I’m still deciding on what to do. My brain is not cooperating at all. My memory is shit, I read one page and have to go back many times. I used to be a fast reader. Now, I’m slow and I just keep forgetting things. I can’t seem to focus either. It’s frustrating but I need to accept this season of my life and just do the best that I can.

My list for today was:

  • Finish folding all of the laundry and putting it away; – This actually happened;
  • Do some gardening, focus on watering and maybe planting some new seeds. I have a few empty pots and beds; – Just watered;
  • Make dinner; – Not today, as I’m worried and anxious. I’m having cereal, he’s having scrambled eggs;
  • Read at least 30 pages from the book I’m trying to finish; – I read quite a bit last night but haven’t touched today yet;
  • Take out the recycling; – Nope;

What I actually did was:

  • Try to study for 30 minutes and failing miserably;
  • Fold and put away a ton of laundry;
  • Dust my bedroom;
  • Catch up on a few blogs;
  • Organize my study materials that were all over the place;
  • Make my bed;
  • Organize the living room table;
  • Wash the blankets from the sofa;
  • Talk to my mom on the phone;
  • Reorganize my dressing table;

Not what I was planning but it was productive, so I’m fine with it.

What were you up to today?