Good morning everyone,

As you can probably tell by the title, I’ve been drinking way too many frappucinos. They’re so fresh and easy to make and yummy and I love them. Plus, since they’re homemade, their actual really cheap. I just need my Vienna Cappuccino powder, some milk and ice. They’re delicious and I’m in love but I need to control myself because the obviously have added sugar which is not good for me at all.

I’ve been drinking tonnes of water, which is good. I always aim for 1.5 l/2 l and I’ve been getting at least 1.5 l. Plus the frappuccinos, which are basically milk, I think I’ve been doing well in the liquids departments.

We’re also drinking lemonade with different flavors (we have a lemon tree) by making the lemonade and adding some Tang powder. It’s really refreshing.

Rui has made some tea with honey the other day and it’s also really good with ice.

Now you know everything about my Summer drinks. What is yours?

I would really like to study for a few hours today and make it my priority, but it’s quite hard to focus right now, to be honest. The medication doesn’t help at all. My memory and focus have given up on me. But I must try 🙂

I though I would study for the first part of the day and then leave my chores to be done closer to dinner time, at about 5 p.m. If I get to my chores first, then they drag and I don’t study, so I’ll try doing it the other way around.

This is my to-do list:

  • Finish folding all of the laundry and putting it away;
  • Do some gardening, focus on watering and maybe planting some new seeds. I have a few empty pots and beds;
  • Make dinner;
  • Read at least 30 pages from the book I’m trying to finish;
  • Take out the recycling;

And I won’t make any more plans, because I really want to try to focus on studying.

What are your plans for today?

Thank you for reading!

Hugs and kisses.