Perfect Party Series #11: Anni

Today I’m featuring dear Ann-Kathrin or Anni, as everyone likes to call her. Her blog is Gluecksgeist and I bet you know her. She’s one of my favorite bloggers and a fellow pink lover, so I’m really happy to be giving her shout-out today.

Anni is 19 years old and she’s from Germany. She’s been blogging for over a year and she mostly writes about DIY’s and recipes and boy, is she good at it.

She has recently bought two cacti and I’m jealous as I’ve been meaning to get a few. Their so popular right now, especially the little ones and I see them everywhere so I’ve been getting cactus fever.

Anni has been going through the same, what she calls a cactus obsession, which has resulted in so many cute posts:


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My Cactus Obsession – Cactus Cookies

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My Cactus Obsession


I mean, she’s obsessed with cacti and I’m obsessed with her blog and the beautiful things she makes. When she gets into baking, my major sweet tooth just drools uncontrollably.

Happy Birthday Mama


Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Flower Cake

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Milkshake Cupcakes

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Lord help my waistline. And my scale, she might cute. Can you understand why I love her blog so much? The amount of pink and creativity and deliciousness is just adorable and the cuteness overload is just too much.

A few of my favorite posts:

How To Spice Up Your Summer Drinks – She doesn’t mean booze, you guys…

Pink Obsessed Since 1997 – I mean, I guess I win because I’ve been pink obsessed since 1991. Also, aren’t people who were born in 1997 still toddlers? I’m so old.

The Moment When You Realize That You Deleted Nearly All Of Your Blog Pictures – It’s not actually funny, I’ve done the exact same mistake. But I happy that I’m not alone in my clumsiness and proud that she is so much like me 🙂

Spring Haul – You do know how nosy I am and how much I love to stuff my nose into people’s shopping bags and carts, and homes, and routines, and everything…

I guess now it’s time to her answers to my party questions:

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Ann-Kathrin and I started as annkathriin2015, such an original name. 2015 was the year I decided to start my blog and in November I published my first blog post. I am blogging for quiet a while now. I loved blogging from the first day although nobody read my posts for a year. That’s why I am so happy that so many people are reading my posts now. I upload quiet a few baking posts. Baking became a huge hobby for me when I was about 14 years old, I think. I also always loved crafting things with my mum. She is so creative and I am so proud that she gave a little snippet of her creativity to me.

What was your favorite thing about my party?

My favorite thing about your party was that so many people got to know each other. They started by talking about what they wear to your party or mostly about chocolate cake and then shared blog posts and more about themselves. I think your party is such an amazing way to get to know so many amazing bloggers who share the same hobby as you.

Did you get any new followers or views because of the party?

I did get a few new followers, but I didn’t see them on the party so maybe they were just quiet party-attenders?

Did you make any friends?

I didn’t make new friends because I knew quiet a few people! I was so happy about that. When I started blogging I knew nobody and seeing so many known names and faces now makes me so happy.

Dear Anni,

I wish I could be as creative as you are. You’re such an inspiration. You make me want to bake and get into diy, even though I’m not even close to being good. I love how sweet you are and how colorful… in shades of pink…your blog is. Thank you for always being so sweet and supportive. Keep rocking your blog and your awesome projects.

So much love ❤

If you don’t know any and her blog, you are definitely missing out.

Thank you for reading!








29 thoughts on “Perfect Party Series #11: Anni

  1. First of all this made my day!! Thank you so so much for including me in your party series. Your words about me and my blog made me so happy, thank you so much for them. You’re one of my favourite bloggers and I am so happy that I share a pink obsession with you. xxxx

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  2. Anni is amazing!! I love her blog so much, she is definitely so creative!
    I have also caved and joined in her cactus obsession, I bought myself a few mini cactii, and you should totally join in too Cheila 😀

    Liked by 2 people

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