Dear friends,

I come to you with a heavy heart. I believe you may haven’t heard about it, but Portugal is going through an extremely difficult situation right now. A tragedy has fallen upon us. Forest fires are killing and hurting our people or leaving them homeless.

The country is literally burning, with huge fires threatening many villages and towns.

The death count is 61 so far along with about 62 injured. And the number will probably go up, as the worst fires are yet to be controlled and many villages have yet to be checked for casualties. We’ve been going through hell.

My family, friends and I are all fine, lucky to be where we are, since the fires are threatening mostly the interior of the country. There’s a huge fire somewhat close to Rui’s hometown, so we’re not without worry and fear.

We have never been through such a tragedy and we’re currently mourning as a country.

Firemen, police, and civilians are doing whatever they can to control de fires that are country devouring acre after acre of forest and getting to houses and fully destroying towns.

Extremely high temperatures, wind and a thunder storm are mostly the culprits for our situation. Literally a series of unfortunate events and unfavorable conditions.

Will you please say a prayer for us? We need all the help we can get.

Thank you so much for reading.