Catching up – 16.06.2017

Hey there everyone!!

How are you?? Happy it’s Friday? I hope you have great plans for the weekend!!

I went to my psychiatrist today and got some answers on my latest laziness, lack of motivation and fatigue, but this subject deserves its own post, so I’m not telling you anything right now. Also, I haven’t discussed it with my friends and some family yet, so I think I should talk to them first.

It was so hot in the city today. About 37ºC (about 98ºF?). Everyone was commenting “I wish I was at the beach” lol It’s funny how people always say the same things, especially when it comes to the weather.

We’ve just finished cleaning up the kitchen and putting Betty to work. Betty is my dishwasher, not my slave. We’ve had an amazing dinner, cooked by Mr.R. He’s an amazing cook and made a traditional Portuguese dish – “Carne de Porco à Alentejana”.



Does it look good? It tastes even better! We ate it with a nice salad and some strawberry lemonade, made with some beautiful lemons that we had just picked from the tree.



And then we decided we would eat outside because it’s warm and not windy, thankfully. We lit a candle and set the table. It was really nice.



What else?

  • Oh, I’m happy because my favorite cleaning product “Cillit Bang”, which is quite expensive, was on sale for 1,29€ instead of 4,49€. I obviously bought two.
  • My psychiatrist appointment began an hour later than I was expecting so I got some time to read, which was great.
  • I really want to watch the movie about Churchill soon, I’ll probably go by myself on Wednesday. I’ll have to go to the city for my therapist appointment so I will probably have the whole day to myself and hang around Lisbon.
  • My mother’s new kitten, Daisy, thinks her cat, Gatsby, is her mom. Oh yes, there are videos of her trying to breastfeed and all. And he lets her.

What are our plans for this weekend?


  • My doctor said that Rui has to manage to get me out of bed by 10 a.m. That’s the latest I can sleep, according to her. So we plan on waking up some time before that, having breakfast (we bought fresh bread and cheese today) and then going to the garden center to get some lettuces and red cabbage to plant in our veggie garden. We love red cabbage and we had so many last year. Oh, before that we need to stop by the pharmacy, because I’m running out of meds. Then we’re coming home for lunch (we have leftovers from dinner) wash the car and go to the beach.
  • After the beach we plan on coming home and doing some gardening and a few things around the house, before dinner and movies, probably. At some point, probably as soon as I wake up, I will film my vlog, where I’ll answer your questions and announce the winner of the most original question. Oh, and Rosa is getting a bath for sure.


  • We’ll get some groceries, that’s for sure. We’ll buy some nice snacks to eat while we watch Portugal play at the Confederations Cup. We’re playing against Mexico. We love watching our team play in European cups (which we have won in 2016 for the first time) and world cups. We just go crazy about it.
  • Then we’ll probably hang around the house, watch some movies or read (he’s reading 1984 and loving it) and cook something for dinner.

I want to tell you about this amazing post by Ipuna. She was nominated for the Heart Beat Award, created by Anju and she has chose me as her nominee. Here’s the lovely post: Heart Beat Award – Spotlight Cheila.

I was so happy and honored that I definitely had to share this with you guys. Do you know these ladies? If you don’t, please go over to their blogs and give them a big follow and some well-deserved love.

Thank you, Ipuna. I’m honored, I really am. You’ve made my day!

I want to introduce a new blogger today. I’ve just met her as she left a comment on one of my posts. She is a newbie and she needs to get to know our family. Will you go over to her blog, check if you like it and give her a follow and maybe some support? We all know how easy it is to start and the feeling of writing our first posts and getting our first followers. This is her: Dreaming Of Pink. I mean, she has pink as part of her blog name so we shall be friends, for sure. I’m not too happy that she calls herself “therealpinkblogger” as I thought I was the real pink blogger, but she is sweet so I can forgive her. haha. I’m joking. I love being Cheila or Chey, as some very nice blogger friends of mine have decided to call me.

I guess that’s it for tonight.

I’m looking forward to filming my blog tomorrow and catching up on yours posts tonight.

Do you have some fun plans for the weekend? I’d love to know.

Big hugs.





49 thoughts on “Catching up – 16.06.2017

  1. That food looks delicious!!! (I just had a roast for dinner but I’d take that too! 😂). You’ve made me want to try to make lemonade this summer. Congratulations on the Heart Beat Award!! 😄 Have a lovely day 💗

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  2. Sounds like a great weekend planned! That meal looks amazing and I wish you well with all your doctor stuff (: we’re moving into our new place this weekend and it’s already exhausted us the first two days haha yesterday was a lot of moving stuff and today was cleaning day. Tomorrow we’ll move more in and Sunday even more (furniture and big items), then we’ll be having both my dad and my boyfriend’s parents over for dinner to celebrate Father’s Day *and our first apartment* so I’m really excited! As always, love hearing from you and I hope you have an awesome weekend xoxo

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  3. That picnic looks lovely! I’d love to have a little picnic outside but the weather won’t allow it. Actually the weather has been holding out so far this weekend, and the forecast promises no rain and quite a lot of sun. Do I believe it? No, but we’ll see 😀

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  4. Oh Cheila yours and Mr R’s dinner looks so good and it looks so romantic also with the candles outside :):) mmmm for strawberry lemonade. How cute that daisy thinks Gatsby is her mom, and HE lets her nurse, now thats love right there 🙂 I’m away this weekend so commenting and reading will be sporadic, but I’ll catch up, oh and no parties until I get home LOL ;);) Praying all is good with your report from your doctor 🙂

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  5. That food looks so good! I will say though I never eat the clams but I’m going to try to next time we have it:) ! My plans for the weekend are to celebrate my best friends birthday, clean the house and I don’t know what else! Great post girl!


  6. Mmmmm carne de porco à alentajana (sorry if I’ve spelt it wrong!!) looks delicious and so does the strawberry lemonade!! Congrats on the heart beat award it’s definitely well deserved!! 😊💞 xx

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  7. I love that strawberry lemonade. Too bad there’s no way to taste it! Congratulations on the award. And thanks for introducing a new blogger. I’ll check out her blog. It’s always fun to get to know a new blogger. 😊

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  8. Mr R sure cooks a great meal. I looked it up on google to see what was in it as it looks so good. I would def eat that …mmmmh I got hungry looking at it so had to go and eat some chocolate. I have had a stressful day I thought I had lost my mobile phone on our walk along the river with the dogs. i re traced my steps for hours. Finally found it…not on the walk..but on the side of the freezer lol…dont ask me how….We are moving so doing a lot of packing and throwing out junk. the amount of junk one keeps is beyond me….any hoo have a great day xx

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  9. Hello Cheila. You just made me giggle with the comment: Betty is my dishwasher, not my slave! haha!
    Your meal looks so romantic, and I bet it was relaxing to eat outside.
    It is also hot here in Madrid. it is forecast 40 degrees today – ouch!
    Me and my boyfriend are planning to go out for Thai food tonight. We met in Thailand, and we both miss the food! – fingers crossed it will be yummy!
    Tomorrow I will be skyping my parents, as it is father’s day in the UK. i also hope to catch up on reading some blogs posts and finishing writing my next one 🙂 Ooh, and hopefully i will have time to go for a glass of white wine on a terrace 🙂
    Take care and hope you have a lovely weekend.
    – Carly

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  10. Can I call you Chey? I quite like that! Ooo strawberry lemonade sounds lovely, never had that before. I hope you managed to get those things ticked off your list today, including the beach because surely that’s the best bit! 🙂
    Caz x


  11. Congrats on the Heart Beat Award! I checked it out it is really awesome. “The Godmother of blogging” I couldn’t agree more. The food looks great and I think it is so romantic that you guys set the table to eat outside how sweet is that. The fact that Rui cooks well is even better. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


  12. What a wonderful blog you have! I’m so happy I found you!
    That’s a beautiful meal and I adore the candle light…so lovely! That is to adorable that your mom’s kitten is trying to nurse her male cat! Too funny! Thanks for sharing a piece a your life 🙂



  13. Now you make me want to try a strawberry lemonade and I don’t even like lemonade! It’s always nice to catch up with you. Hope you’re having a great weekend. 🙂


  14. Strawberry Lemonade sounds amazing! Also, it was very kind of you sharing the girls new blog! Hope all was well with the doctor! 🙂

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