Perfect Party Series #9: Sara

Today I’m featuring my Absolute Party Winner!!

Her name is Sara and she blogs at

I wish I knew Sara as well as a few of the other bloggers I have featured before, but the truth is I don’t. Because of that, I’ll start with her telling us about herself in her own words:

I write about:

  • Sheffield, England where I live: culture, food and events.
  • Theatre
  • Books
  • I’m not a big film buff but do write about films I watch.
  • Wonderwalls globally.
  • Places I have travelled to: China, Prague, Amsterdam, Croatia…
  • My adventures spotting gold post boxes and sculptures such as 2016 Sheffield elephants, Lambanas, Hull 2017 moths, Lincoln 2017 bishops from May 2017.

and answering my party questions:

I’m Sara. My blog is called Wonderwall 360. Because it is about my 360 I.e my world. I have been writing about some ‘wonderwalls’ like Great Wall of China and John Lennon’s wall in Prague. Also I’m a big Oasis fan and Wonderwall is their song.

I have enjoyed every minute of the party from getting ready for it. Getting ready to go out can be so much fun; the anticipation so I loved writing about my outfit. Then dipping into different people’s blogs has been amazing. Been inspired to write a post about ‘If we had coffee’ and from Cheila ‘If I owned a coffee shop’. Thanks to those who have viewed my posts; definitely had more views this week.

I live in Sheffield which is an hour way from Manchester on the train. Manchester is the home to my favorite band Oasis. Little did I know when party started on Monday, what was going to happen later. But that makes me appreciate knowing all the nice people in the world even more.

So far we know that she is super nice, she’s from England and she is an Oasis fan. That alone is enough for me to like her 🙂

She was very active at my party and she obviously won because she was the only one who did a post about what she was wearing to my party.

Here’s the post:

And here’s the amazing outfit she chose:


I mean, the girl chose a perfect pink dress for my party and she posted about it, that’s really going all the way and being really supportive. I love the outfit!!

As the winner, she got a 10€ Starbucks gift card. I hope there is enough to pay for a Starbucks drink. I know she doesn’t like coffee or any kind of black tea, mostly herbal infusions so I hope she can either get something like that or that she spends it all on muffins and donuts. I’m happy as long as she has something to eat or drink on me.

After doing some digging, I’ve discovered that she is 34 years old and that she has a 35 by 35 list. OMG. I need to share that. You know how much I love lists, bonus points if it’s a New Year’s Resolution’s list, a bucket list, or the kind where you have a deadline to complete some goals. Her 35 by 35 sounds just perfect.

Here’s her list: (latest update)

35 by 35 Progress

She has completed quite a few things from her list and I think I’m inspired to do something like that next year. I would do 26 before 26 but my birthday is in October, which is not that far away. She’s a Scorpio too, actually, so we share them same Zodiac sign. I wonder if her birthday is in October or November. Sara? Mine is October 23rd. Are we close?

She’s a fan of Love, Actually, which I love. I think we would have so much to talk about over Chamomile or Peppermint tea.

She has a whole category dedicated to homelessness, as she has written about the subject during Lent, this year. Being an issue that so many of us ignore, intentionally or unintentionally, maybe her articles will bring it to our attention and make us do something for someone in need. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

She’s a book lover and you can find some reviews, along with a few other book related posts:

A Review Of Into The Water By Paula Hawkins

Olive Kitteridge by Emma Stout

Are All True Stories: Non-Fiction? Review Of The Zookeeper’s Wife

She’s kind enough to let you know that some of these reviews contain spoilers, so keep that in mind if you’re about to read them.

She’s loves hot chocolate and she has tried it at quite a few places, so there are tonnes of hot chocolate reviews:

Along with the reviews, you can find the most delicious pictures:


As she has told us, she likes to write about Sheffield:

Sheffield May Bank Holiday Food Festival

Light Cinema, Sheffield

A List To Be Grown As Why Sheffield Is A City Of Culture

Well, I guess I’ll finish here. Sara, please tell me if I’m missing something really important!

I don’t know about you but I would love to get to know her better. So do you? Please go over to her blog, look around a give her a big follow. She sounds lovely, doesn’t she?

Thank you, Sara.

I really hope you enjoy this post.



15 thoughts on “Perfect Party Series #9: Sara

  1. Thank you so much Chelia. Looking forward to going to Starbucks for hot chocolate. I’m quite reserved on blog … maybe being older than some of the other writers, then not so used to social media. That been said everyone I have come int contact with are so lovely …but you just never know who else viewing blog.

    Pamela yes, the blog party and this series has been great for reading new blogs.


  2. Love the dress, not the color. 😛
    Sara seems pretty cool and her blog is quite awesome. I loved the 35 by 35 list too.
    So nice getting to know her


  3. Sara’s outfit for the party is lovely. Simple and striking. I have been following her blog but a lot of what you have shared about her is eye opening. Hot chocolate and Starbucks sounds great 🙂


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