Today I bring you my dear Jane-bug!!

Oh yes, we do have nicknames for each other. I’m Chey, nice to meet you!

Jainey is the cutest most lively and funny and sweet 16-year-old girl.

She blogs over at Harmonious Joy a website she shares with two of her friends. Together, they aim to teach others how to be their best selves, through their well-written, informative and helpful articles.

Her middle name is love and I should tell you that it suits her perfectly.

Jane describing herself:

I have a passion for creating impact in people’s lives and I focus on teens, and young adult because of my desire to see a more realistic generation of young people. People who have a genuine say and a true voice of their own… not just an echo of some celebrity they think they love.


Her true goal is to make the world a better place. Isn’t that what we should all be doing?

Jane is really creative, a talented writer and such an intelligent young woman. She’s definitely a role model for girls her age.

I’ll leave you with a few of her articles:

Save Earth – Sustainable development – An article about preserving our planet and how important it is for each of us to do their part and contribute to saving our planet.

Stress and Depression – The differences and similarities between stress and depression and how the two can be easily confused.

Differences Between Anxiety and Stress – Definition of anxiety and stress and the distinction between the two.

Other articles regarding stress:

Symptoms of Stress

Possible Causes of Stress

Types of Stress

Articles on Self-knowledge and self-image:

Being Self-Confident

Get A Better Mirror – knowing Yourself

As you can see, Jane writes about several topics. I’m not mentioning all of them, so I highly recommend that you go over to her website and go through her work. Maybe you could take a look at her friends’ articles as well? I’m sure you’ll find them interesting.

And now, I must mention: Jane writes poetry as well.

Jane Loves Poetry #1 – Love That Knows No Bounds

Jane Loves Poetry #2 – Rapture In A Dream

Jane Loves Poetry #3 – Dark Memories

Jane Loves Poetry #4 – Unconscious

Jane Loves Poetry #5 – A Heartfelt Prayer

That’s not all she writes. Along with her articles and poetry, Jane writes amazing fiction. She has written a short-story to be featured on my blog as part of my Guest Post Sunday series. Her story will be posted on June 25th. Make sure you don’t miss it. It’s really good and I know you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

Now, to finish, it’s time for Jane’s answers to my Perfect Party Series questions:

Tell us about yourself.

I’m Jane Love, a teenage girl with big dreams and a drive to make them into realities. I am passionate about helping others in need and teaching what I can to my generation of kids about how to live a happy positive life and achieve your dreams.

I’m also a bookworm with a record of finishing the biggest Harry Potter book in 7 hours when I was younger. I spend a lot of time reading books (motivational, fiction, non-fiction, etc) because I find that it helps me learn how to express myself better. And if I’m not reading books, I’m either reading articles online or writing stories/articles.

I grew up with four super awesome siblings (the last) who have helped, in addition to my Mom’s mothering, shaped me into the person I am today.

With a seven-year writing and four-year public speaking background, I am seeking to impact my world through my words. I reach out to teens, young adults and people who wish to learn how to make themselves heard.
I also recently collaborated with Ipuna Black and eight other super awesome bloggers on the “how to deal with loss” series. (Doesn’t she sound wonderful, I just love her personality)

What was your favorite thing about my party?

I’d say I really loved the party animals.😎😎 Initially, I only came for the food. But then while chatting with them, I lost interest in the food (almost impossible if pizza is involved) and more in our convo. Also, NOBODY minded the fact that I was wearing a suit.😂😂 (Guys, she was the life of the party. She talked to everyone, was super funny and everyone loved her)

Did you get any new followers or views because of the party?

On a serious note, that’s classified information. On a more jovial note, YES!!

Did you make any friends?

Yep. Definitely yep!! At least five I can boldly mention. PJ Queen, Cakes Frenzy Queen (Hannah!!!), David, and two other people I want to remain a mystery.😜😜 (Of course she hid! How could she not have made any friends? She’s just awesome!)

Dear Jainey,

I hope you like this little post I’ve done for you. It doesn’t do you justice, you absolutely rock and I’m not good enough with my words to match your awesomeness. It’s written with love, though.

Huge hug, reindeer.


P.S I have forgotten to add both Angela’s and Ella’s answers to my questions on their respective posts. Silly me. So sorry, girls.