Catching up – Monday 12.06.2017

Hello everyone,

How is everything going? Tell me about your Monday.

I decided not to go out after all. I scheduled everything for Friday. Tomorrow is a religious holiday and the city and there’s a lot of partying and there were probably more people everywhere today. Also, I was lazy. My mother was not available for dinner after all, so I decided to schedule everything for Friday instead. So, on Friday, I’m going to get a blood test, run some errands, meet my friend and student Ery (I just love her) for lunch and to wonder around a book fair, then I have my psychiatrist’s appointment at 4.30 p.m and then I’ll go to mom’s for dinner. Since I’ll be at the city, I will try to schedule a psychologist’s appointment too, taking advantage of being there already. I haven’t gone in a long time, but I need to keep going if I do want to get better.

I had forgotten tomorrow was a holiday (St. Anthony’s day or “Dia de Santo António”) which is the Patron Saint of Lisbon. There’s a huge party happening all over the city. I’ve been there a few years ago but it’s just too much for me lol Too many drunks and trash all over the floor (mostly plastic cups). There’s music and a huge parade and contest. Each neighborhood is represented in the parade and, in the end, one of them wins best “Marcha”. The parade is called “Marchas de Santo António” or “Marchas de Lisboa”. Here’s a few pictures:





It’s a nice party and people like to get there to watch them go down the Avenue “Avenida da Liberdade” or watch on TV, if they can’t be there. Oh and they sing while dancing and going down the avenue, I forgot to mention that. I’ve been there to watch, when Rui and I first started dating but we mostly watch it on TV, as we’re doing tonight. The winner is the group or neighborhood with best costumes, song and routine.

There’s also a group wedding. Oh yeah, people apply to be married on this specific day and there’s a whole party too. It’s called “Casamentos de Santo António” or “St. Anthony’s weddings”. I think they choose about 16 couples and they all get married together.




The tradition started in 1958, to help couples who really wanted to get married but couldn’t afford a wedding. Here’s a picture:


There were more couples back then, they do choose only 16. They don’t have to pay for anything. I’m not sure but I think the couples are still chosen based on their financial difficulties, having no means to pay for a wedding. I think it’s a nice and cute tradition.

It’s traditional to eat roasted sardines, which the Mister is making for himself and I hate, so I’m eating pizza. You eat them with your hands, on bread, or on a plate with boiled potatoes and roasted bell peppers.

Mister is outside doing his and I took a few pictures:

Dummy told me to take a picture that looks like he’s lighting the fire with his hands, while wearing socks and flip-flops. I swear he doesn’t go out wearing those
The nice grill and fire, where the sardines will go
His t-shirt…

Oh, I want to show you my new plant, the cute shoes I’m mourning because I have to return and my cute lunch bag that Rui takes to work every day (and doesn’t even care) because his lunch bag was old and needed to go. This was a few months ago, by the way. He has been rocking it ever since.




I guess that’s it for today, guys. We’re about to have dinner and ice cream. Tomorrow Rui doesn’t work and we’re going out. I’ll tell you what we’ve done tomorrow night. I’m also catching up on blogs and comments, as always.

Love you guys, I hope you have a nice evening.



20 thoughts on “Catching up – Monday 12.06.2017

  1. zzzzz.
    wake up to super awesome post by Chey.
    Comment on a few blogs.
    back to zzzzzz.
    Wake up, eat, and resume zzzzzz.
    Basically I’ve had a lazy Monday.

    I think those group weddings are a cool idea. And P.S. I love the outfits of the ceremony. Also, you didn’t tell me Daddy had powers!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for sharing, Cheila. Really interesting to hear about your celebrations. And I love the tradition of the group wedding – what a wonderful thing for couples who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a wedding. Lovely post.


  3. Sounds fun but busy! Of course today was really the first day of summer but I’m so exhausted from putting on my brother’s graduation party! He’s finally off on a senior trip and so happen to be all of my friends, so I’m the only one still in town. But I’m such a planner, I’ve already started thinking about his birthday party. It’s the last one before he leaves for college! Then I’ll be an only kid at home…


  4. I am picturing it in my mind. Avenida de Liberdade and the parade. It must be fantastic and colourful but the thing with carnivals is that they are not that fun to be stuck in. I never got around to falling for the Notting Hill carnival which is famous in London. I get the charm of watching it on the telly. The photos of Rui conjuring up a fire is ‘awesome’. Why if he makes a fashion statement with socks and flip-flops, Cheila, accept it with grace.


    • There are quite places at Notting hill to stand. But of course crowds around. You can wait ages for parades to go by. And there is rubbish every where. But the costumes at Notting Hill amazing!


  5. Loved the pics! “Casamentos de Santo António” is also a great idea. I think that is a great tradition. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day tomorrow. 🙂


  6. Love the pictures…What a wonderful idea re the weddings. The fire looks lethal 🙂 well done…I love carnivals etc, but from the luxury of my sofa watching on the TV. I am not too good with crowds. Sardines…they look good I bet they even taste better….I am with you though I would have the pizza as Sardines don’t like me lol…have a great day xx


  7. The holiday sounds like so much fun! It’s lovely to learn about traditions and celebrations in other countries! I think I would be like you, and prefer to stay home and watch it on television away from the crowds 😉


  8. Interesting traditions and holidays, I don’t think I could get married with other couples especially so many! But for that reason I definitely understand. it’s always nice learning new things about different places around the world. I think I used to like sardines lol haven’t had them since I was a child. Rui is a funny guy lmao. & I’ve worn sandals and socks before outside in my own yard, lol it’s not the most comfortable though. The shoes you have to return areee so cute😩 hopefully you can find the right size or something better


  9. I love that you showed us photos of your day. I always love seeing these little peeks into your day. That holiday seems really cool, lots of traditions and parades, and weddings! I love that there’s so many getting married at the same time, and that they don’t have to pay for it. It makes sense that they choose those with financial difficulty first.


  10. Mr. R is a fire bender, amazing!! 😀
    I really like the story behind the St. Anthony’s weddings. Although I probably wouldn’t want to participate in a mass wedding ;D


  11. Hey girl. Sorry it took me a while to catch up. Thanks for giving us an insight into a traditional Lisbon holiday. The group wedding sounds amazing. That’s a great thing and the brides look so beautiful! I loved the way you captioned Mr. R’s photo. 😂 It does look like he has magical abilities. Speaking of which, how are you getting on with Harry Potter? 😉


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