If you know me well, you know that I don’t follow trends. I buy what I think is cute and cheap according to my patterns and wear it until I’m done with it or it falls apart. I do like shopping but I shop a lot less now than two years ago, before I moved out of home. I was a bit out of control then. I don’t have as many shopping urges now and only buy things occasionally.

The last time I spent a bigger amount of money on clothes was on my last birthday, in October. I spent about 120€ and got 2 coats, a few blouses, two pairs of jeans, some boots and a few dresses, among other things.

I haven’t bought anything for Spring/Summer this year, since I’ll spend most of my time at home or at the beach, which I have clothes for.

With what I already have, I decided to create four beach looks, to show you what I might be wearing and what I like in terms of style. Would you like to see them?

Look 1:

Beach cover up: I bought it last year at a local store for about 15€. I like the pattern and I love the fact that it is open, like a robe and ties at the front.

Bathing suit: I bought it about 5 years ago, while on a beach vacation with my family, at a local store. It cost between 5/10€.

Flip-flops: They are two years old and from Primark. I bought them for 3€.

Look 2:


Bathing suit: I bought at a local store two years ago, when I left work and we spontaneously decided to go to the beach. It’s from a local store and it cost about 15€. I love the polka dots.

Jumpsuit: It’s from H&H from the same day. I bought it for 9,99€ plus staff discount so about 7,50€.

Sandals: I got them in 2014 at a local store for 9,99€. They’re rubber/plastic and this will be the 4th Summer I will be wearing them. I’ve worn them so much and they have held up pretty well. They’re very easy to wash too.

Look 3:


Bathing suit: I bought it last year at a local store for about 10€. I love the mesh details and the color.

Pants: They’re very light and thin. I love the pattern. I bought them at H&M last year for 9,99€. They’re really good for Summer because they are so light and airy and comfortable and roomy.

Look 4:


Bikini: I bought it in 2013 at Primark for about 5€. I love the color and the top.

Skirt: I bought it about 7 years ago for my sister, at the kids section at Primark. About 5 years ago she was about to get rid of it so I asked my (ex) boyfriend’s mother to make it into a skirt for myself. Have had it since.

Flip flops: They’re about 2 years old, from a local store and they cost 2€.

I love that my things have a bit of history and that they’re not expensive and not new. I like it when things last for a few years. As you can see, I might have a certain pattern. I like floral patterns, polka dots, colors, bows and cute/girly things in general.

What is your style?

Do you have some things you always go for?

Do you spend a lot of money on clothes?

How old is the oldest piece of clothing you own?

Thank you for reading and sorry about the shitty quality pictures, they didn’t look so bad on my camera.


P.S. I’ll be confident and vulnerable and use a picture of me in a bikini (when I was thinner) as featured image.