Once upon a time a poor little lady was washing dishes from a whole week…

She was probably looking really sad, wet and miserable, while washing over 20 plates, endless glasses and so much cutlery. But the worst, the worst were the old Tupperware containers. Nothing is as bad as washing stained, greasy plastic.

Her prince got home from work and noticed how tired his lady was from hours of washing.

He said: “No more. We’re getting a dishwasher.”

She said: “What? No. Come on. We’re not getting a dishwasher today. It’s expensive.”

He answered: “How much is it? 400€?”

She replied: “About 200 and something”

He looked into his phone at his catalog app. He found a dishwasher for 250€.

He said: “That’s it. Go get dressed, we’re getting a dishwasher right now.”

He turned the water off. He turned the water heater off. There was no more dish washing for his lady.

She got dressed in her best sweats and sneakers and off they went. At the store, there were about 5 to choose from around the same price range. The asked the sales adviser which was the best. He said they were pretty much the same, so they chose the prettiest one. How happy they were about their new washer. They went straight to the supermarket to get dishwasher salt and detergent. They got it on sale too, what a happy day. Then, they went home and set it up. They immediately filled her up with all of their remaining dirty dishes. Then: Start.

“How lovely she is” – one said.

“And how silent” – the other added.

They lived happily ever after, waiting for the cycle to finish, so they can see if she is any good.

Oh, the joys of impulsively buying appliances.