Health for days journey – June 5th (“Wanna hear something funny?” edition)

Good afternoon, my people!

Prepare to laugh.

I think I’ve caught a stomach bug. Oh yeah. I’ve been feeling like food is just sitting on my stomach, feeling pain and discomfort, having diarrhea and just burping away since Saturday.

I have no idea why I’ve been sick 3 times with 3 different things in less than 2 weeks but I have a few theories:

  1. I’m going crazy (highly likely)
  2. My immune system is telling me to fluck off
  3. My body is behaving like one of those kids who say they have a tummy ache so they don’t have to go to school
  4. Stress is causing my body to react like this.

Now, 4 would seem like a reasonable explanation, except I’m not under any particular stress. I’ve been under stress before and it causes my body to ache, my anxiety to spike, but I don’t get sick over it. Besides, I’m at home, feeling calm and relaxed.

So, WTF is wrong with me.

I’m sure I’m going crazy.

Thank you for reading.

I’ll leave you with a photo dump for further entertainment:



37 thoughts on “Health for days journey – June 5th (“Wanna hear something funny?” edition)

  1. Does that owl have a name? I have a few owls too and they all have names. So maybe I could introduce my bunch to yours. On a more serious note, have you shown yourself to the doctor? Digestive disorders should not be ignored. Since my father-in-law is still recovering from the after effects of an oesophageal tear which is occasioned by disorders in the digestive system, I am a bit alert about it – my brother too has been giving me advise about eating better and taking medicines if there is reflux at all.

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  2. Aw you should go get your tummy checked and tell us about it. Like what Dippy-Dotty said, digestive disorders shouldn’t be ignored… And love that photos, they are so cute!! πŸ’—


  3. My eyes hurt from all that “pink”.
    I agree with my predecessors.
    Go and see a doctor. Get your tummy checked A.S.A.P
    I’m voicing your words back to you – GIRLY!! You need to take care of yourself..

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  4. I’m loving all the extra pink I see in the photos. Also, your body does seem to be organising a coup against you, how rude. I’m with Cathy though, digestive issues are definitely something to see a doctor about. Just to make sure it’s nothing too serious. Also, my own body has decided it’s about time for me to get sick. I haven’t been unwell for months, and now my throat is sandpaper and I sound like a frog. Ah well, could be worse. I hope we both feel better soon πŸ™‚ ❀

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  5. Could you manage some ginger or mint tea? Good for digestive disorders and settling the stomach. Look after yourself – hope you feel better soon πŸŒΌπŸŒΈπŸ’•πŸ©


  6. Awww I’m so sorry, Cheila! 😦 I hope you feel so much better soon. xxx Those owl boxes are absolutely adorable, by the way πŸ™‚ I love them.


  7. Have you been to the doctors? But like you mentioned stress could be causing all of those symptoms. I hope it clears up and you feel better, we can all feel a bit crazy sometimes especially when so much is going on.
    Love all the pictures/ see you take nice shots! You don’t have to be a photographer☺️


  8. Yikes, I hope you get to feeling better and that illness gives you a break! It seems like when your body is fighting off one thing everything else just comes in the back door!


  9. Aw I hope you feel better! About 2 years ago (over the summer) I caught a mysterious stomach bug – which caused me to throw up, and make me feel, well, I can’t really describe it. I guess – bad? Again, feel better!


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