Change of plans (shit magnet is on)

Hey guys,

You know, my perfect studying day I had planned? Not sure it’s going to happen.

I was feeling like shit yesterday so I went to be a little after 10 p.m. I had a massive headache and earache. I managed to fall asleep before 11, which never happens, but I was dying. I then woke up at 5 feeling like my head and ears are going to explode. I though that maybe I would go back to sleep and wake up a little better and avoid going outside because of the wind, so I would leave walking, gardening and laundry for another day. But I couldn’t sleep at all. I got up to have some strong coffee because it usually helps but it hasn’t, so I’m not sure I’ll be up for anything today.

The Perfect Party Series #5 post is schedule for noon and it will be published by then but I’m unsure if I can study or blog or do any chores today. I’m gonna go back to bed for a bit now (9.35 a.m) to see if I get better. I just hope is my sinusitis and not an ear infection. That would be a new one lol

Sorry I’m so late in reading your posts and answering comments. See you later my friends. xx


21 thoughts on “Change of plans (shit magnet is on)

  1. This may seem silly, but wear a wooly hat, it seems to help when I have a headache and earache. Hope you feel better soon. Xx


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